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PREGAME NOTES: Bloomquist gets his first start in a month, Vidro on the bench

M's second-round pick Dennis Raben

First of all, I can't believe how early some of you guys are up. Now be honest, how many are you up to watch the Mariners game?

A few quick things ... DP95, I welcome the comments as always. A quick reference point, many things I write on here are going have plenty of sarcasm in them. I'm kind of a smart ass, not as big as Snydro, but comparable.

One thing I've come to realize - if you take yourself too seriously, then people take you less seriously. So we try and have some fun on the blog from time to time because right now as an M's fan, I would think you guys are looking for more fun where you can find it.

So don't always take certain things like Bedard not wanting to pitch in Canada literally.

* Here's my game story for today's paper.

* Here's the notebook that leads with knuckleball pitcher vs. knuckleball pitcher.

I know many of you want to know when and if Dickey might be replacing Batista or Washburn in the rotation. I wouldn't say too soon.

"Lot of things to be said," McLaren said. "I mean, Miggy won 16 games for us last year and we want him to get back on track. Washburn has battled his way through it. It's so easy to take somebody out (of the rotation) and stuff, but we're just sticking with everybody right now and see what happens."

That doesn't sound like a man wanting to make a change.

Also last night, Mariners 2nd round draft pick Dennis Raben walked six times in one game for the Miami Hurricanes. He went 0-for-0 with six walks, two runs scored and stole a base. It tied an NCAA individual record.

Conversely, Yuni Betancourt has drawn four walks the entire season.

Speaking of Mr. Bedard, or Capt. Personality or Pepe Le Silence as I've heard him called by fans. Here's an interesting story from the upcoming ESPN the magazine. They had several of Bedard's former teammates and current teammates ask questions and get responses since he doesn't like answering questions from the media.

I think I'll have Ryan Rowland-Smith ask my postgame questions today.

Here's a column from Bill Ordine of the Baltimore Sun about Bedard getting booed last week at Safeco.

Today's lineup


Ichiro CF

Lopez DH

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Reed RF

Sexson 1B

Betancourt SS

Burke C

Bloomquist 2B


Bedard P

Red Sox

Lugo SS

Pedroia 2B

Drew RF

Ramirez DH

Lowell 3B

Youkilis 1B

Varitek C

Crisp CF

Moss LF