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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Red Sox, June 7th

Not much to report before the game. Pretty quiet, talked to Mac and Vidro about hitting a knuckleballer and there is no consensus of opinion on what is the best approach. Vidro says you just can't try and do too much with it - just hit it where it's pitched.

Mac said some guys pick out the heaviest bat in the rack and use that.

R.A. Dickey said he would be open to throwing batting practice before the game for hitter to get a look, and he's even offered to throw individually to some players, but this being the Mariners, those players of course refused.

Mac said they had Billy Hatcher pitch knuckles during BP to prepare for Wakefield and all it did was frustrate the hitters before the game even started.


6:22 -- Not a good outing for Mark Lowe at all, and its frustrating since he seemed to have just turned the corner in his return.

6:03 -- The blog software is officially more inept than the Mariners, who are en route to being the firs team in baseball with 40 losses.

I actually wrote a couple funny lines earlier, but they have disappeared into the TNT ether never to return, and I simply don't have the desire or the ambition to go back and write them again. Thanks b2evolution, you operate with such monumental mediocrity that I will now refer to use as Mariner software until either the team changes or the software changes.

5:09 -- The Red Sox take the lead as a walk to Brandon Moss came back to bite Batista on a double from Alex Cora that Raul fumbled, kicked and then fumbled again allowing Moss to score from first. A double from Coco Crisp scored Cora.

Here's something to make you feel good -- George Sherrill has 21 saves, the Mariners have 22 wins.

4:38 -- The Mariners tie the game on Raul Ibanez's ground rule double to short right field that scored Betancourt and Ichiro.

I don't think Richie will be getting three hits today.

4:27 -- It appears that Pasco's Jeremy Bonderman will miss the rest of the season with a blood clot in his arm.

4:14 -- WEll, Manny just deposited one in the street. He crushed a two-run shot off of Batista. Really, Ramirez should have never probably gotten up. JD Drew's triple to left-center was probably a ball that Ichiro comes up with, if he lays out, but we all know Ichiro doesn't dive. I will say this Ichiro was shading Drew to pull and that ball was hit extremely hard, but it was a ball that hit his glove, and I'm sure Ichiro will say he should have caught it.

4:07 -- Well, the Mariners get runners first and second with nobody out and Ibanez strikes out looking, Beltre strikes out swinging and Vidro grounds out to short for no runs. Mariners baseball -- the Mojo's Risin'