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PREGAME: Mariners vs. Red Sox, June 7th

Let's do some linkage ...

* Here's my game story from today's paper.

* Here's my game notebook which leads with John McLaren's apology for the language he used in Wednesday's blow-up.

* A kid from the Stadium high got drafted. Here's a story on local Puget Sound players that got drafted.

* John Lackey led the Angels to a win over the A's last night.

*It looks like Kelvim Escobar is making progress in his return.

* The Rangers got rid of Sidney Ponson for basically being a jackass.

* Here's columnist Jim Reaves take on the Ponson situation.

Here's todays lineups....


Ichiro CF

Lopez 2B

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Vidro DH

Sexson 1B

Balentien RF

Johjima C

Betancourt SS


Batista P

Red Sox

Coco Crisp CF

Julio Lugo SS

JD Drew RF

Manny Ramirez DH

Sean Casey 1B

Kevin Youkilis 3B

Brandon Moss LF

Kevin Cash C

Alex Cora 2B


Tim Wakefield P