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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Red Sox, June 6th

The skies are cloudy and gray and a light mist has been falling off and on, and I'm thousands of miles away from the Puget Sound.

MLB has announced its jurisprudence for yesterday's tiff between the Red Sox and Rays. Coco Crisp was suspended seven games -- apparently if he would have thrown his helmet it would be only six games - he is of course is appealing and will be in the line-up tonight.

Puyallup native and Bellarmine grad Jon Lester got a five-gamer and is starting it tonight. Sean Casey got three games and won't start serving for till next week.

For the Rays, James Shields got six games, Jonny Gomes got give games, Edwin Jackson got five games, Carl Crawford four games and Aki Iwamura got three games.

None of the suspensions affect the Red Sox lineup tonight - but it is a little different because of injuries to David Ortiz and most recently Jacoby Ellsbury and Manny Ramirez.

Manny is not in the lineup (which RA Dickey said, "doesn't hurt my feelings any to see that) but I think he might be available to pinch hit.


All times EST since that's what my watch is set to.

9:35 -- From Snydro:

Is this really Divish? I don't know who else it would be.

Are you really in Beantown? Oh yes, I sipped on the Sam Adams last night to prove it.

Did you eat a bad crab-cake and spend the last five innings on the toilet? Not that I know of. I didn't have crab cakes tonight.

Shave your head? Never.

Give up cheap liquor and porn? Are you kidding, that's what gets me through the night.

The reason we did the chat at noon is because on Tuesday night, I turned the ripe old age of 33 and I needed the sufficient amount of time to recover on Wednesday. Next time we'll be doing the chat around 2 p.m.

9:33 --Felix has now thrown 15 consecutive shutout innings at Fenway Park which is the most in stadium history.

9:09 -- I don't know what's going on here, the Mariners are winning when i'm covering a game, Richie has three hits and two RBI and an 8-0 lead. The end of the world is near...

8:58 -- The Mariners 6-0 lead is the first six-run lead since May 5th.

8:29 -- Colon hasn't won any gold gloves on the mound for a reason. That RBI single for Richie should have been gloved. He's committed two errors and should have caught that last one.

Beltre just about got his head taken off by a Joh line drive in foul territory.

8:06 --- Richie with a hit --- I don't believe what I just saw.

8:00 -- Oh yeah, I did a live chat, last week, (Snydro didn't even write in) but here's the transcript from it. I think I'll do another one on Tuesday and Wednesday if people want.

7:45 -- Snydro checks in.. Until the next major move (firing of Bavasi, release of Sexson, etc.) I have little or no interest in the team.. do love to watch Felix pitch, but just can't stand the sight of the rest of 'em right now..

Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

7:40 --- From BeerbobJ: By using their first pick on a relief pitcher, is this foreshadowing a trade of JJ for prospects? Or is it merely a waste of a pick?

A very good question. It's odd to draft a player where you have an all-star at in the moment, but we all know how fickle the career span of a closer can be -- can you Eric Gagne, Derrick Turnbow, Mark Wohlers, or God forbid, Bobby Ayala (yeah, I said it).

Maybe there is some concern about how long JJ can pitch at such a high level. But I do think they also took Fields because they thought he could help them immediately, and perhaps fill the role that Brandon Morrow is filling now.

7:34 -- Varitek surprises everybody with a bunt hit to get on and put runner on first and second with one out.

7:27 -- Richie strikes out with a foul tip in the glove of Varitek -- shocking.

7:23 -- Felix, um, your shoe is over one side of the mound, your sock is over there and your hat is over there.

7:12 -- the Mariners get a gift from the Sox thanks to Bartolo Colon's awful throwing error on a routine double play. 2-0 Mariners

Here's the lineups ...


Ichiro CF

Lopez 2B

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Vidro DH

Reed RF

Sexson 1B

Johjima C

Betancourt SS


Hernandez P

Red Sox

Coco Crisp CF -- Did you notice his where his braids start, he doesn't have a forehead, he has a five-head.

Dustin Pedroia 2B -- I'm still taller than him, and he's still grittier than most of the Mariners.

J.D. Drew RF -- He's hitting .303 with six homers and 28 RBI, without his production they'd be struggling.

Mike Lowell 3B -- hitting .310 in last eight games.

Kevin Youkilis 1B -- Sore hand has bothered the last few weeks but still

Sean Casey DH -- The Mayor can't hit for power, but still has a good approach.

Jason Varitek C -- I've said enough about him today in the paper.

Brandon Moss LF -- I don't think he's related to Randy Moss.

Julio Lugo SS -- Tied for 2nd in AL with 12 errors.


Bartolo Colon P -- He's eating a hot dog right now as I write this.