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GAME THOUGHTS: Marlins vs. Mariners, June 17th

Let's get to it ...........


9:44 -- Morrow on in the ninth, throwing filthy gas.

9:20 -- Felix leaves after 7 1/3, allowing four runs, three earned, six hits and nine strikeouts. Not a bad night for the King. Oh and he threw 107 pitches.

8:50 -- Felix runs into his first trouble of the game giving up back-to-back singles to start off. That's followed by two more singles from Ramirez and Hermida to score a run and a sac fly from Jorge Cantu to cut the lead to 5-3, but Felix battles back striking out Mike Jacobs and Dan Uggla looking.

He gave the typical Felix scream after the last strikeout. I know much has been made over his emotion sometimes getting the best of him. But you can tell the kid wants to win. And I respect that.

8:32 -- The Ms tack on a another run on a terrible throw by pitcher Logan Kinsing who was trying to turn a double play.

8:20 -- No problem for Felix in the fifth, two more Ks. That's seven.

8:14 -- the Mariners tack on a few more runs as Ichiro comes up with a sac fly following a nice Yuni sac bunt and Lopez picks up his second RBI double of the game.

-- Olsen has settled down and the Mariners haven't done much off of him, but the Marlins are doing even less off of Felix, who's struck out the side in the fourth, and looked dominating doing so.

7:33 -- Uggla just crushed that Felix pitch over the bullpen in left. Crushed it.

7:27 -- Richie doesn't get booed upon introduction and he doesn't get booed after popping up to first.

7:25 -- There must be some slight mistake the Mariners are hitting the ball. And they're hitting it hard. Ichiro laces a single to right off of Olsen. Lopez follows up with a hard double to left to score Ichiro.

Funny sequence as Jose Vidro attempts a bunt, which is what most No.3 hitters do. That doesn't work so he meekly strikes out.

Then Beltre somehow gets a hit with runner in scoring position, singling to left. Lopez doesn't score on the play, but he does on Raul's RBI single to right.



Hanley Ramirez SS -- He almost decapitated me with a foul ball last night.

Jeremy Hermida RF -- He's hitting .333 with runners in scoring position. He'd be a God in Seattle.

Jorge Cantu 1B -- Wow a first baseman with double digit home runs and a lot of RBIs, a novel concept.

Mike Jacobs DH -- If you add Vidro's and Sexson's home runs (5+9 = 14), Jacobs still has more with 16.

Dan Uggla 2B -- Right now, he's a better, more productive player than anybody on the Mariners team.

Luis Gonzalez LF -- The Mariners were actually looking at him, but instead took Brad Wilkerson.

Wes Helms 3B -- He has four homers and 20 RBI in limited playing time, the Mariners call that starters' numbers

Matt Treanor C -- I got nothing here. Really nothing.

Alfredo Amezaga CF -- He's hitting .264 from the left side and .184 from the right.


Scott Olsen P -- Will he be the next talented young pitcher that will stick it to the Ms?


Ichiro RF -- He's back in his normal position, now it's time to hit.

Lopez 2B -- Lopey's starting to cool a little, hopefully this doesn't follow tradition.

Vidro DH -- Another four plate appearances closer to his option. They should have like a counter in the dugout and stop him when he gets to one.

Beltre 3B -- He's hitting .177 in his last 43 games.

Ibanez LF -- Still working harder than anyone.

Sexson 1B -- Boooooo!!!. Ok that's not fair. He had two hits last night - both singles. The last time he homered gas was like 3.50 a gallon.

Johjima C -- He has a five game hitting streak, but his average is still under .250

Bloomquist CF -- Back to back starts for Willie? When was the last time that happened?

Betancourt SS -- Yuni has made some unbelievable plays in the field as of late.


Hernandez P -- players fall him Fee-Fee in the clubhouse. I feel like you should know these things.