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Jobs Depend on Today's Game

For every bad baseball team, there's a breaking point beyond which even the most supportive ownership group cannot preach patience and understanding.

For the Seattle Mariners, that point is likely today – the last day of a three-game series with the Washington Nationals.

Put simply, if the worst team in the National League completes a three-game series sweep in Safeco Field this afternoon, people are going to lose their jobs before the home stand ends Wednesday.

Players like Richie Sexson, manager John McLaren, even general manager Bill Bavasi aren't just vulnerable, they're likely to be held accountable for an underachieving team.

The Mariners haven't merely lost the first two games of this series, they've been outplayed by a Nationals team made up of rejects and retreads.

It's mid-June, and Seattle doesn't have a .300 hitter or a six-game winner. The Mariners can't find a consistent No. 3 hitter or a shortstop who can bunt, and in 'ace' Erik Bedard the Mariners have a man who won't throw more than 100 pitches in a game.

The highest-rated position prospect on their roster – outfielder Wladimir Balentien – is batting .196.

As important to ownership, there's an entire summer remaining to this season, and the thought of empty stands and unsold concessions is no small incentive to show fans that patience is not infinite.

If the Mariners lose today, expect change. How deep that goes depends largely on who makes the decision.