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Some random stuff on a travel day ... linkage, the importance of Jennifer Garner, Clement watch, Batista as the set-up man, etc...

Well, I'm sitting here at "restaurant" in the Toronto airport where people enraptured by the soccer game that's on right now, I think it's Croatia and Germany. I'll be the first to admit it – I don't get soccer. I don't really like soccer. I don't like the drama queens that flop and then are carried off on a stretcher only to return three minutes later. And I don't really like "socceristas" who preach to me about the beauty and intelligence of the game and that I must be some oafish, dunce not to like it. To which I reply, "you sir are a communist, soccer is the downfall of American Society as we know it." That usually doesn't elicit another response.

Miguel Cairo gave me a long lecture about what a great game soccer is and how fit you have to be to play it (which is true). The double play twins are always watching it on television. Dare I say that Jose Lopez needs to get some footwork and conditioning drills from some soccer players to improve his limited range at second – oops, I just did.

As boring as the Mariners games can be, and believe me they have, here's a daily website we look at during games, usually when Miguel Batista is throwing to first every three seconds.

I still find baseball far more exciting than soccer. Some might disagree, and they would of course be wrong.

Here's some links quickly …

Here's my game story which leads with the JJ injury.

My game notebook leads with Felix's strong performance
. He picked up his 500th career strikeout. Also in there it talks about Ichiro's key steals which were the 300 and 301st as a Mariner

Let's get to some other business ...


I will not be covering any of the Nationals series. Larry LaRue will be handling a good portion of it. My flight out of Toronto will take be back to "God's Country" or Montana, so I can get my car from Havre. My Ford f-150 pick-up is not too friendly with gas and going to be benched like Sexson was for a while.

I don't how much blogging Larry will do, but he'll do some. And who knows I may even chime in some.

I'll try and grade the road trip on my flight from Toronto to the SLC.

Snydro, Jennifer Garner was my favorite long before Sophia. I have the DVD collections of Alias Season 1 and Season 2 to prove it. She has very hot girl-next-door qualities, but she went and met this uber-douche and so a change had to be made. Basically when I'm looking at metaphors for all that is wrong with the world, I can point to Ben Affleck's status, the popularity of people who were on "The Real World" and Gil Meche making $55 million for the Royals or the fact that Barry Bonds having more home runs than Ken Griffey Jr.

Take a look at this though and tell me if I'm wrong.

From fittmmp:

Ryan - The reason behind this switch has to be the injury to JJ Putz. My guess is Batista moves to the bullpen to set up for Brandon Morrow. Key question now is what do your sources tell you about recalling Jeff Clement to take Putz' spot on the roster if he indeed goes on the DL. And, do you know if Clement caught Dickey regularly in Tacoma? If so he could catch the knuckleballer tomorrow night since Johjima doesn't handle that pitch well at all. That would leave Johjima without much to do this weekend since Burke is Bedard's caddy!

Good point fittmmp ... But Dickey could have just as easily stayed in the bullpen and been valuable. As often as I've told people or written that Dickey should be given a chance to start, I can see his inherent value in the bullpen. You can use him every day, and almost every situation. It's just nice having a guy down there like that to call on.

But your comment, leads me to this question:

How comfortable would you be having Batista come in a close game right now as the set-up guy

Even with the decent showing the other day, Batista's command seems to be an issue. That being said, Lowe hasn't been much better either.

If Putz is DL'd, I would think they have to bring up another reliever just to be on the safe side. Maybe Potatoes O'Flaherty or Jon Huber. Like it or not, Mariners fans, but Joh isn't going anywhere. Maybe people can stop by Nintento Wii's in protest.

Clement will get his chance soon. I'd say within the next two weeks. Since we're on the subject, let's hit it….

JEFF CLEMENT WATCH 2008 – the sequel.

I think in honor of Dave8557, we need some theme music for the Clement watch.

I open to suggestions ... but remember Jeff's a fairly wholesome midwest guy, I was thinking a little

Here's the story from "The Voice" Mike Curto, who's with the team.