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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Mets, June 23

If you can't excited about this pitching match-up then well you don't like baseball. If you remember John McLaren challenged Felix to be the best pitcher from Venezuela, and Santana is probably right now the best. But I think we could all agree Felix is gaining ground.


8:43 -- the official word is sprained left ankle for Felix. I'm sure he'll be getting x-rays. I'll have more immediately after the game.

8:27 -- Replays show it's something with the left leg, but we haven't heard if it was his knee, foot or ankle. You just hope it is anything to serious.

8:16 -- That was a wild pitch, the replay showed Beltran sliding into Felix's leg and he looks to be in some pain. What's even a bigger joke is that Mets fans were actually cheering as Felix was limping around. Totally classless. And not unexpected. They've been booing David Wright for the last few innings.

Now they only offer a modicum of cheering with Felix up and moving and some people actually booing that he's moving. I love New York.

Felix just tried to throw a pitch and he was in severe pain as he tried to throw.... now they are applauding Felix as he's being helped off the field. It's too late for me, Mets fans are worthless. I'll let you know as soon as we hear something.

8:04 -- With that one swing Felix now has more RBIs than Burke (3) and is tied with Bloomquist (4), Clement (4) and two away from catching Reed (6)

8:00 -- Well, there goes the no-hitter, I'm blaming you Larry Stone for jinxing it, saying "Has any pitcher ever had a no-hitter and a grand slam in the same night?"

Felix is getting booed in his second at-bat. And it looks like they're having him bunt, didn't they see what he did last at-bat (sarcasm alert!).

7:38 -- That is also the first grand slam for the Mariners this season as well. The last salami for the Ms was on August 11, 2007 against Chicago by Yuni...

7:32 --- I can't believe Felix just hit a GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS THE FIRST HOME RUN BY A PITCHERS IN MARINERS IN HISTORY. Um, and yes USS Mariner is right, that is one more extra base-hit than Bloomquist. I think their server might overload. It went 390 feet. All of those runs are unearned because of the Wright error.

7:29 --- Clement with a nice swing on that Santana offering. The Mariners have three hits off him already, and Raul hit one hard. Willie reaches on an error by David Wright to load the bases.

7:20 --- Felix is throwing haaard. I think he's pretty pumped up for this match-up he didn't even want to talk about it yesterday.

7:17 --- Um, probably not the best decision to try and stretch that single into double by Lopey, he was out by about 10 feet. Trot Nixon still has some ability left despite the years of hard playing.

7:10 --- Johan's warm-up music is "Smooth" by Carlos Santana. Raise your hand if that song annoys you.... darn it, baseball only.

7:05 --- The cast of Monty Python's Spamalot sang the National Anthem.

6:50 --- The cast of the broadway show Grease just wrapped up singing most of the songs from the show. Yeah, there's nothing like having those songs stuck in your head..... oh baseball only, must focus.