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POSTGAME NOTES: Braves 8, Mariners 3

Well that was pretty much sucktastic ...

A few things ...

Because R.A. Dickey pitched two innings today, he probably won't start on Tuesday. Instead Miguel Batista will move back in the rotation and take that start.

But Dickey could pitch on Wednesday. Because right now it doesn't appear that Erik Bedard will be recovered from back spasms to make his scheduled start.

"We're going to be real tentative about that," Manager Jim Riggleman said of Bedard's injury. "We want to get him back pitching real soon, but I don't know that Wednesday's realistic.


* I've never quite seen a line-up like that before.

* The Mariners didn't get shut-out. Woo-Hoo!!

* Jeff Clement was 2-for-3 with a double, a two-run homer and a hit by pitch. You can tell there is just something different and more relaxed about him.

* Yuniesky Betancourt extended his games without a walk streak to 19. He only has six games more to reach his season-high streak of 25 games that was snapped with a nasty walk on May 30th against Detroit.

* I'm getting the hell out of Atlanta.

* Erik Bedard said hi to me in the clubhouse, a new first for me or most of hte beat writers, not bad at game 70 something.

* I got to see a guy with the first name of Gregor, and guys with the last name of Jurrjens and Gotay play. I'm stilly miffed about missing out on Jo-Jo Reyes.

* I got to see someone hit three homers in one game. I actually saw Mark Teixeira hit a home run that hit just under the bottom row of lights on light stand in left-center of Cheney Stadium when he was a junior in college playing for a junior TEAM USA squad. On that team was Bobby Crosby, Xavier Nady, Dewon Brazelton, Josh Karp, Jon Switzer, Jake Gautreau, Ryan Budde and R.A. Dickey. We actually talked about that homer the other day.

* Best of all: Felix vs. Johan Santana on Monday at Shea Stadium.


* I've never quite seen a line-up like that before.

* With the loss, Silva now has a nine-game losing streak, which is the longest in the majore leagues.

* Ichiro went 0-for-5 snapping a 31-game interleague hitting streak. It was second to the

record streak of 37 games held by Matt Lawton, who got some of those hits - very few I'm guessing - while with the Mariners.

* The three homers allowed by Silva was the most he allowed since July 8 of last year when he was with the Twins.