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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Braves, June 21

Ok, so I was having some computer issues - probably operator based - but anyways, here's what's going on....

* Morrow is not here still. He will join the team in New York, Riggleman said. He probably won't be ready to throw till Tuesday, unless something drastic changes.

* Bedard supposedly felt better today. I didn't see him in the clubhouse. But Riggleman said they're playing it day-to-day.

* Beltre was a late scratch from the lineup tonight with a bruised left index finger. Miguel Cairo took his place and is batting second.

* Greg Norton is batting third for the Braves. I talked with him earlier today. He's happy with where he's at, but not with the way he's been hitting as of late, but he's still hitting .280 against lefties this season. He did strikeout in his first at-bat.

The Mariners have a 3-1 lead thanks to some shoddy defensive play by Omar Infante, who's the back-up. He's committed two errors in the first inning.

The Braves are now starting to put something together off of Washburn. They got one run on a Teixeira single and are threatening.


10:16 -- Greg Freakin' Norton. Unbelievable. You almost knew at some point during this series he would come back to bite the Mariners. It just seemed too obvious.

10:03 -- We have a Vidro sighting. Um no, Jose, the plate is over there.

9:43 -- took a little break there, but I have to say, "Nice slide Richie, that was pretty funny. Sad on some level but funny."

8:22 -- GREG NORTON!! Wow that was a nice catch. The guy isn't exactly known for his defense by any means, but that was pretty good.

7:48 -- Ichiro takes offense to a Mark Wegner call of him swinging on a check swing. Wegner, some of you may remember, that tossed Mac out of the game on May 7th for arguing balls and strikes.

7:40 -- Washburn gets out of the inning, but throws 33 pitches. Like last night, the bullpen could be throwing a lot of innings. Ryan Rowland-Smith is not available, but everybody else along with RA Dickey is.