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MUST READ: A few coaches speak out about the team's real efforts

This was too good to wait till tomorrow. Anyway, Larry LaRue wrote the story from today's conference call with John McLaren. But he also talked to a few coaches, who had some rather tough comments about certain members of the team and their efforts.

We've all heard how hard the players say they're working, but this seems to paint a different picture.

Here's an example:

"You've got players in that clubhouse who should be team leaders – guys like Richie Sexson, Adrian Beltre, Erik Bedard, even Ichiro – who care only about themselves," one coach said. "When your best players are hitting 50-60 points below their career averages and won't take extra batting practice, what message does that send?

"You had kids at the park six hours before a game to work with (former hitting coach) Jeff Pentland one-on-one in the cage, and you had Beltre, who'd never do it. Pretty soon, the younger guys weren't doing it, either."

There's a few other decent quotes concerning tonight's starter Erik Bedard as well.

Here's the story...