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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Braves, June 20th

We're running a little late here. I got three stories to write so let's get to it.

8:52 -- I'm trying to describe the double play that just happened. I can only come up with one word - craptastic. That's a reason why managers get fired. And yet that was purely Yuni's boneheaded mistake.

8:29 -- Bedard is apparently hurt, he was seen grabbing his back in the last innings, so Roy Corcoran is in the game. Not exactly good for the Mariners if they're trying to showcase him to trade him.

8:08 -- Bedard with a sharp single up the middle. I just heard a fan scream out "he can be our designated hitter." The hit makes him 3-for-12 for his career.

7:47 -- Beltre hits a shot deep to left off of former Marniner Jorge Campillo. It looks like a homer for certain, until Omar Infante makes a leaping grab over the wall. It's been that type of year.

7:27 -- the national anthem was sung quite well, by Jamie Nash, but it also took the better part of 11 minutes. Let's just say young Jamie took her time and made sure she got full range in on every note. I think in that time Bedard already made it half of his allotted 100 pitches.



Ichiro RF

Lopez 2B

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Sexson 1B

Clement C

Betancourt SS

Bloomquist CF

Bedard P


Gregor Blanco CF

Yunel Escobar SS

Chipper Jones 3B

Mark Teixeira 1B

Omar Infante LF

Brian McCAnn C

Jeff Francouer RF

Ruben Gotay 2B

Jorge Campillo P