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SEXSON SPEAKS: Richie speaks about McLaren, electric chairs and his future.

Richie Sexson was the first Mariner player to step up and face the media pregame today. He was engaging and honest, which he has always been when you get him for an interview. He had a few interesting comments, including ...

"I think you got 30 to 40,000 people that just as soon see me in the electric chair than play first base. It's no secret."

Here's the rest...

What are your thoughts on the managerial change?

We're all disappointed. There's obviously a lot of stuff going on right now. As players you kind of feel responsible for people getting fired whtehr it's the gm or the manager because we didn't perform. Ultimately the axe has to come down on somebody, it's too bad it had to be him.

Mac had your back the whole way, did that make extra difficult.

Yeah, but we all have our own backs, nobody is going to bad mouth anybody. Even though he had our back we still feel bad it happened to him.

Is there a feeling of no explanation of what's gone wrong this season?

It's well documented that were all working hard and we're all tyring our best out there. And we're not working any harder or any less than we always have, we're just not winning games. We're just not meshing and it's not coming together.

How much should fall on McLaren's shoulders?

It's more us than him. He makes the lineup and puts us out there. It's our job to play well and we're not doing that.

Do you expect to be with this team when the road trip ends?

I don't know. I'm just going to play. I really can't worry about that and I'm not going to worry about that. I know if things don't work out here, there's a lot of other teams out there. I know I can still play the game. I'm not worried about never playing again. It doesn't concern me.

Would a change of scenery help you like McLaren suggested?

It's no secret that it's kind of a tough environment for me around there. I think you got 30 to 40,000 people that just as soon see me in the electric chair than play first base. It's no secret.

Is it to good to get on the road?

It's good for all us. I think everybody feels a little tense when we're at home. There's a little bit of a negative feel there- which there should be. We're playing poorly. Nobody is going to be with that, especially the fans. They have every right to be disappointed in us.

In a year's time seen one manager quit, another manager fired, it's has to have an effect doesn't it?

I've been playing 10 or 11 years and I've gone through 10 or 11 managers. I don't know. Future managers maybe they don't want me on their team, bad luck or something.

We got a good one though. Riggs is going to be great. We're going once again try our best with him. Sometimes a change can be good. Unfortunately people have to go for a change to happen.

As a player don't look to see how's managing the club, it doesn't matter who manages the team you have to play.

What are the difference between McLaren and Riggleman?

Mac is a little more intense. Riggs is never going to get too loud. Whether he's talking to you when you're doing well or doing poorly, he's going to have the same voice all the time, It might just be different wording.

On Mac's comments about jealousy?

I haven't heard anything about that. I haven't seen that or heard that. Maybe he has little more one-on-one with players. I don't' see that side of it.

Everybody's disappointed with how we played.

Where do you go from here?

We're going to play hard. Nobody's going to quit. You play till they take the jersey off our backs and till we try to get it back to .500. That's our goal. It's going to be hard. We're all going to have to play well to do that.

Every team whether you're winning or losing has to have a goal, that's kind of our goal. We gotta get winning again.

How is the new open stance going?

It's ok. It's ongoing process. I'm losing some power with it. There's positives to it too. I'm on top of the ball more, which means I'm not getting the ball in the air as much. That's why there's more singles and a lot less extra base hits. But hopefully I can find a happy medium in there where I can start getting the ball airborn.

Can there be power from that stance?

Yeah, it just takes time. But I like it, it feels good. I think there's a lot of positives there. I just have to get the balls airborne.

About being booed and his future in Seattle?

I hadn't even thought about that. The thing about fans if you play well, they're going to love you.

You deserve everything you get. They have no reason to be happy. Nobody's mad at the fans. That's just the way it is. We haven't played the way were supposed to play and that's what you get. We deserve everything we get from them.

On whether he was going to even be making this trip?

I was getting a lot of random calls about articles being written about it. Nobody told me, so I packed my bag and got on the plane. I know I'll continue to play somewhere else if things don't work out here.

Has he gone through anything like this with the rumors about his future.

I've been through the trade stuff, but never just the flat let somebody go. I've never gone through that.