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Linkage: The Hot-Lanta edition. UPDATED 10:56 a.m.

Good morning from sunny and humid Atlanta. We're coming to you live poolside. I'd post pics but believe me you don't want see any pictures.

A few things, there will be a conference call with John McLaren at 11 a.m. PST and 2 p.m. here, so I will be listening to that and posting some comments from that.

Today will officially be the first day we can speak with Jim Riggleman. So I'll also get that up as soon as possible. Along with some player reactions -- I can pretty much guess the quotes. "It wasn't Mac's fault, we needed to play better."

Perhaps that should be the Mariners slogan this year: Mariners baseball: It wasn't (insert name here) fault. We're responsible for him losing his job.\

The Lookout Landing
is actually having a contest about this... click here to submit yours.

We haven't done the links for awhile for a number of reasons: 1. My inability to get out of bed. 2. My inability to go to bed before 3 a.m. and most importantly 3. What do links about other teams matter when the Mariners are out of it 17 1/2 games.

But with all the changes, we'll try and bring about some changes here.

Here's my story today about the firing of John McLaren.

John McGrath wrote that McLaren was a good man that got crushed by a bad team.

Outfield prospect Michael Saunders joined the Triple A Tacoma the other day, and he's already helped them to a couple of wins.

And since it is Erik Bedard Day.... WOO-HOO!!!

I thought this link was appropriate. I think this might gave Dave8557 a heart attack. Anyway it's about former big game pitcher Jack Morris and his disdain with pitch counts.

ESPN's Jayson Stark has a list of possible candidates for GMs and Managers. ANd he also mentions the Phillies showing interest in Washburn and now Erik Bedard. Peter Gammons also mentioned the other day that the Cubs wanted to be notified if Bedard was available. I would imagine that interest is ramped up with Carlos Zambrano's injury issues.

ERik Bedard + Lou Piniella = Must see TV.

Can you imagine? I think it might be something like this.

But I'm thinking Lou might call McLaren and say, "Hey, what do you think about this Bedard guy?"

And Mac would respond: "Um, well, he isn't the anti-christ, but he might be. At least after 100 pitches anyway.

Here's a quick note from Arizona about three D-back execs who might be on Seattle's GM list.

Jose Guillen is still hitting. He leads the AL in doubles.

On a lighter note, It's the 20th Anniversary of Bull Durham -- one of the greatest baseball movies ever made. Sports Illustrated is doing a commemoration. Here's Austin Murphy's piece about it.