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ESPN's Buster Olney writes about the Mariners today

Here's the line to Olney's blog on ESPN. To see the full item, you have to be an "insider" but you can still read the majority of it for free.

Basically, manager Jim Riggleman is making some tweaks to how the Mariners prepare in an attempt to shake them out of their first-half slump. He's having infielders take infield practice before batting practice, something most teams don't do.

Another change he's making is with defensive positioning. He's having outfielders position themselves more to the pitcher's tendencies.

To be fair, Riggleman says these are adjustments the team was contemplating while John McLaren was still manager. Maybe it's working, considering the team just did complete a three-game sweep of the Padres. Then again, it was just the Padres, the worst team in the NL.