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Latenight Linkage: You stay classy San Diego

It's 1 a.m. in San Diego and I've been meaning to get around posting these links all day, but my ADD and a late dinner prevented it. But let's get to it. This is something you can use all week because there's plenty to read up on...

* First let's get to the Mariners. Here's my game story from Sunday's win which completed the sweep of the Padres (who are absolutely terrible). In case you missed it, here's my gamer from the other day, which leads with Carlos Silva.

* Here's the notebook which talks about Ichiro's 5-for-5 performance.

* John McGrath wonders if the Mariners are getting stagnant because of the lack of turnover on the roster.

Johnny Mac also made his way over to Cheney Stadium to check on Mariners' prospect Michael Saunders

* The Rainiers ended up losing on Sunday.

* Rich Dorman continues to pitch well for the Rainiers.

* Kirby Arnold of the Everett Herald has a story about Jeff Clement's progress being similar to Jason Varitek's.

* This story talks about Raul Ibanez possibly being traded to the New York. It mentions the Mets. But I thought the Yankees might be a better fit, especially with Hideki Matsui's injury issues.

* This story gets into the pros and cons for the Indians trading CC Sabathia.


Pro: spend less on clubhouse meals

Con: lots of leftovers


Columnist Bill Livingston
wrote about all the mistakes the Indians made in assembling the roster, yeah welcome to the club.

* _sightings_117624.htm">Here's another reason for me to add to my personal list of reasons why I can't stand Alex Rodriguez. I believe the list is up 4,255,335.

Here's the excerpt in question...

ALEX Rodriguez getting a touch-up on his "hilights" at the Frederic Fekkai salon, and drawing a crowd of gals, one of whom gushed, "He's much bigger in person. He's a doll"

I will now jam a pen in my eye. And yet he wonders why the average fan doesn't like him.

* Rick Telander has a column about Lou Piniella's ejection yesterday.

* Jose Guillen has some unkind words for the fans, but KC Star columnist Joe Posnanski explains why - they don't know he's playing hurt.

* Guillen wouldn't really apologize about his comments the next day.

* Posnanski, who's one of the best columnists in the country, also has a pretty good story on Royals closer Joakim Soria.

* George Sherrill lost his bid for his 27th save yesterday.

* Braves closer Rafael Soriano, who's been battling yet another injury, was sent home for personal reasons and nobody is sure why.

* >Greg Dobbs has found a home in Philly as a pinch-hitter with solid success.

* Here's a big story on the dying art of the knuckleball from SI com. It talks to Tim Wakefield and mentions R.A. Dickey.

* I know it hurts, but I feel like I should post Tim Lincecum links. Yes, he won again. Columnist Ray Ratto believes Bruce Bochy pulling Lincecum in the seventh was the right thing to do. I think I know someone who might disagree.

* The Boston Globe wrote a story about the hate of the "Pink Hat Nation" Anybody who went to the Sox-Mariners game at Safeco got to see it first hand.

* Everybody knows about the Angels no-hitting the Dodgers and losing. ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has some interesting tidbits about it.

* Here's my favorite columnist and former PI writer Bill Plaschke's column on it.