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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Padres, June 29th

OK, I'm running a little behind. And I don't really have a good reason why. I am putting together a massive linkage post for later, kind of like the Sunday paper.

Seriously though, I doubt anybody's watching this game in Seattle. It's 90 degrees there and I'd be out on lake or the sound somewhere hanging out and working on my tan and a hangover.

So I'm putting the over-under on the number of people watching on 36.

Although it is Erik Bedard vs. Jake Peavy on the mound as well.

A few things. Felix is still not a go for next week. Manager Jim Riggleman said he may use a group of relievers in Tuesday's start. He doesn't have an exact plan, but both Ryan Rowland-Smith and Roy Corcoran will throw extensively, I'm sure Dickey will volunteer the day after his start to be out in the bullpen.

Because of that, Riggleman may be a little careful with his bullpen today. But it may be tough with Bedard on the mound.


3:48 -- Clement with bomb off of Hoffman. So this will be the first three-game sweep by the Mariners all season.

3:15 -- These are the Mariners right? The same team that has lost 50 games? They put up a five spot in the seventh to break this game open.

2:53 -- If the over;/under for innings pitched for Bedard was 6 innings: the under is the big winner as Bedard throws 5 2/3 giving up one run on three hits, and throws 94 pitches. DAVE8557, control yourself, please.

Ichiro gets a season-high four hits and he'll probably another at-bat in this game.

2:34 -- Adrian Beltre with a two-run bomb to left. Perhaps Beltre's luck and confidence with runners in scoring position is going to change.

1:59 -- The Mariners have got themselves a lead on Peavy as Rauuuuulllll delivers an RBI single to score Ichiro. Of course, the rally is then crushed by Vidro's 4-6-3 double play, but oh well.

1:35 -- Really not much going on. Ichiro led off the game with a single and then got caught in a rundown. The Mariners haven't done much off of Peavy, while the Padres have two hits off of Bedard and nothing to show for it.

Here's today's lineups...

Clement is in there after a night game because he's a left-handed bat. Riggleman was asked about using certain catchers for certain pitchers ... like in the past with Burke and Bedard. He said they take into consideration whether a catcher and a pitcher have success together, but it wasn't going be the overwhelming factor. So no personal catcher for the Bedard.

No Richie again. Because of the left-handed bat thing.

MARINERS (30-50)

Ichiro CF

Jose Lopez 2B

Raul Ibanez LF

Jose Vidro 1B

Adrian Beltre 3B

Jeremy Reed CF

Jeff Clement C

Yuniesky Betancourt SS

Erik Bedard LHP

PADRES (32-50)

Scott Hairston CF

Edgar Gonzalez 2B

Brian Giles RF

Adrian Gonzalez 1B

Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B

Chase Headley LF

Khalil Greene SS

Luke Carlin C

Jake Peavy RHP