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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Padres, June 28th

A few things quickly from the pregame stuff.

* JJ Putz played catch off of flat ground, 30 throws to be exact.

"It was very, very elementary," Putz said. "It was a nice and easy game of catch. I just threw to Brian (Schweiger). It was like the first day of throwing on a program before spring training, like January in San Diego. I had no pain. It was good."

Manager Jim Riggleman isn't even thinking about getting Putz back until after the all-star break.

* Riggleman also slotted the rotation again, and has changed his mind about the certainty of Felix Hernandez. Erik Bedard will go tomorrow, R.A. Dickey on Monday, but Tuesday is considered to be "To Be Announced."

He didn't say anything about Wednesday, it could be Washburn. As for Hernandez or perhaps Miguel Batista, Riggleman was uncertain.

"I wish I could tell you more about Felix or even Batista, but I really don't have any information," Riggleman said. "It's basically when they come in every day and how they feel and react after that."

As for possibly placing either of them on the disabled list, Riggleman admitted it's a possibility and would have to make that decision by Wednesday.

"Tuesday is undecided but whoever we pitch, assuming it's not somebody we bring up, it would be somebody on our current staff," Riggleman said. "Depending on how far that guy pitched and how far we went into the bullpen, we'll decide if we need to DL somebody to make room to cover the innings we used on Tuesday and Wednesday and make sure we're covered in the bullpen."

* Riggleman also talked about the future of Brandon Morrow. For the remainder of this season, it looks like Morrow will remain in the bullpen, particularly with issues that JJ Putz is having. But he isn't opposed to Morrow being a starter.

"I think he could be anything," he said. "He could be real good closer, he could be a great set-up man, he could be a great starter, he's just got good stuff."

And he doesn't believe there is a clear-cut decision either.

"It's good stuff to debate," he said. " There's going to be, 'oh no, why would you ever move him into the rotation,' and others say 'you gotta have him in the rotation why wouldn't you.'"

Riggleman did toss out a small caveat when it comes to Morrow starting.

"The thing is with those guys, they're so good that when they start they end up throwing a lot of pitches because the hitters take a lot of pitches because they are over-matched and when they do hit it they foul it off, you miss with a couple pitches, the umpire misses a couple and next thing you know you're looking at 100 pitches in five innings."

* The Boone was at Petco Park today. We talked with him for about five minutes, and he seemed to be in still terrific shape. I bet he still might have better range defensively than Lopez.


8:13 -- It appears that Carlos Silva is channeling his inner Pascual Perez or his inner Big Punisher with his huge gold ropes.

7:40 -- Well the Mariners get some runs as Beltre comes up with a double to drive home Lopez and Jeremy Reed follows with another double over Brian Giles head in right. I thought it might be three doubles, but Jeff Clement's hard hit ball to left was just a little off the end of the bat.

7:24 -- the Mariners blow an opportunity, Clement pops up to shallow left and Reed commits another base-running mistake.

7:10 -- Cha Sizzle right through the order in the first with a pair of strikeouts.