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GAME THOUGHTS: Mariners vs. Padres, June 27th


9:22 -- WEll, it's now a 4-2 game because Chase Headley just hit a line-drive homer that got just high enough off the ground to clear the wall at 336. The Mariners have 11 hits and six walks and only four runs to show for it. But they also have a chance to break the club record of 16 runner left on base in a nine inning game. They're at 14 right now. The AL record is 20.

8:44 -- Sorry for the delay, I was having some internet issues, namely the wireless here crashed. And I thought it was something with the blog software instead. The Mariners have actually drove in some of those base runners they had been stranding, getting three in the third, but it's only 3-0 and they have 10 hits.

7:55 -- The Mariners have now stranded eight runners on base in three innings. Mojo is definitely risin.

7:34 -- Ichiro sneaks a base hit through three guys. Randy Wolf is all over the place with his command. Maybe his middle name is "Miguel"

7:21 -- R.A. Dickey is wearing the old school stirrups pulled up high, it looks - awesome.

7:18 -- That was pathetic. Bases loaded, one out, two strikeouts, no runs - Mariner's baseball the Mojo's Risin.



Ichiro RF

Lopez 2B

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Sexson 1B

Johjima C

Betancourt SS

Bloomquist CF

Washburn P


Jody Gerut CF

Edgar Gonzalez 2B

Brian Giles RF

Adrian Gonzalez 1B

Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B

Chase Headley LF

Khalil Greene SS

Michael Barrett C

Randy Wolf P