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PREGAME NOTES: Cha Sizzle sighting, retro night, Batista's back. Bedard's bullpen

It's retro night tonight, so the both teams will be wearing throwback uniforms from 1978, which means will look something like this ....

Nothing like Tuxedo baby blue and yellow. That's a lot of blue on some of these guys. Richie looks like a 6-7 stick of Xtra mint gum.

While the Padres will look something like this ...

Um, those colors are urine and manure.

I also saw and talked to this guy for a little while ...

Yep that's Cha Seung Baek or Cha Sizzle as the voice of the Rainiers' Mike Curto used to call him. Not a big talker, Cha Seung said everything's going good. He likes being a starter and is happy in San Diego.

With injuries to Chris Young and Shawn Estes, Baek is in the rotation, manager Bud Black said whether or not Baek remains there when the other pitchers get healthy will all be based on how he performs.

* In other news, we talked with Jim Riggleman about a few things, one of them being Miguel Batista and his place in the rotation. Apparently Riggleman and trainer Rick Griffin weren't Batista's back issues during his last start.

"I really wasn't aware of it, the trainer wasn't aware of it," Riggelman said. "I think he was something there and was trying to gut it out and pitch. I appreciate the effort, but probably serve him and the team better if he gets it treated then trying to pitch through it."

When and if Batista joins the rotation remains to be seen.

"We're not going to let some bad appearance not allow him to start, but his health and how far he is able to go in games will have something to say about it, and the availability of Dickey to pitch in that slot would also have something to say about it."

Riggleman, Batista and Mel Stottlemyre were to meet after today's batting practice to discuss his situation.

* Erik Bedard threw his side session and looks on track to throw on Sunday. I watched a little bit and he threw with his normal motion, I couldn't tell how hard he was throwing.

* Felix is not wearing the boot. He has his ankle tape, and I heard him telling Stottlemyre "I want to pitch!" So I don't think he's keen about having his start pushed back, but Riggleman is hoping either Tuesday or Wednesday against the Blue Jays in Safeco.

* JJ Putz will play catch for the first time on Saturday. Nothing major just catch. Riggleman doesn't know that Putz will be back immediately after the all-star break.