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GAME UPDATES: Mariners vs. Mets, June 24th

It's a gorgeous summer night here at Shea. But I will say it now, I can see why they're tearing this place down. It's antiquated and old, and basically a dump. The new stadium in the distance looks pretty sweet.

Anyway, Ryan Rowland-Smith won't be available tonight. But Jarrod Washburn, who was supposed to have a throw-day today, volunteered for bullpen duty. So he's there if needed.

There's a relatively decent breeze blowing so that should make Dickey's knuckleball move a little more. It could be an adventure for Joh...


9:53 -- I will say this. Richie has hit the ball pretty hard tonight. I won't say anything more on the subject.

9:35 -- Willie Ballgame!!! with a nice catch running into the wall. Carlos Delgado is getting booed Sexson style here.


8:50 -- BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! that's the sound of Shea Stadium right now.

8:48 -- We've got ourselves a blowout here. And for once the Mariners aren't on the receiving end of it. Ichiro with an RBI single and Raul follows with a two-run single to push the lead to 9-0. This has to be the largest lead for the Mariners this season.

8:23 -- RAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLL! It's 6-0 and Oliver Perez is getting knocked around Horacio Ramirez style.

8:11 -- Apparently things aren't going so well with home plate umpire Brian Runge. First of all he did the old trick of acting like he brushing off home plate to say something to Carlos Beltran, who was upset with a called strike. Jerry Manuel knew what was going on and they got into a rather heated discussion. Then Runge bumped Manuel and tossed him out. I've never seen that before.

Then Beltran got tossed as well. IT's the only time the Mets fans have cheered all game.

7:51 -- Joh-san with a two-run homer to left. And more boos for the Mets.... Somebody remind me which team has the worst record in baseball?

7:34 -- It's the first round of boos for the Mets following that inning....

7:32 -- That was a great slide by Willie to avoid the tag at the plate. They ruled that a hit for Lopez and an error on the throw. Strange. But oh well, I guess its good for Lopez's batting average.

7:18 -- Richie with a sac fly to left to get a run home. He now trails Felix by one RBI for RBIs this month. Richie hit that ball extremely hard.



Ichiro RF

Jose Lopez 2B

Raul Ibanez LF

Adrian Beltre 3B

Richie Sexson 1B

Yuniesky Betancourt SS

Kenji Johjima C

Willie Bloomquist CF


R.A. Dickey P


Jose Reyes SS

Luis Castillo 2B

Carlos Beltran CF

Carlos Delgado 1B

Trot Nixon LF

Fernando Tatis 3B

Brian Schneider C

Endy Chavez RF


Oliver Perez P