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Felix wearing a walking boot

We didn't get to talk to Felix about his ankle or his shiny blue and white walking boot that he's wearing. He limped past a couple of times and didn't want to talk.

The boot looks something like this....

According to manager Jim Riggleman and trainer Rick Griffin, Felix still believes he's going to start Sunday.

But Riggleman didn't sound quite as certain.

"He thinks he'll pitch Sunday, but I don't know that he will," Riggleman said. "I'm going to be a little more conservative than (that). If we get him back a couple days after Sunday I'll be happy."

As for the boot ...

"We're going to keep him in the boot till we get to San Diego for the flight so we don't get any swelling," Griffin said. "He had minimal swelling."

It's something that's seems to be common for sprained ankles.

"It stabilizes his ankle so that he can't move it and it stabilizes the ligament so it's not moving around and helps control the swelling," Griffin said.

Of course Felix didn't want to wear it.

"I told him I just saw a guy on another team wear one for two days and play on the third day," Griffin said. "These guys don't want to wear this stuff, like most other people, but in this case it's the best thing for him."

Griffin said that another doctor will look at the ankle tonight just as precaution.