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Linkage: We're to blame for Bedard's perceived perception; Harden traded to the Cubs (UPDATE 3:50)

A few people e-mailed me this, but Erik Bedard went on a Philadelphia radio station.

Here's the interview.

It was relatively bland and boring, like most Bedard interviews. Apparently, we "say whatever we want" when it comes to him and his performance. Yeah, it's all our fault that he can't get past five innings in 100 pitches and then we write about it.

* Here's Larry game story from last night's loss to the Sacramento River Cats, er, Oakland A's

Like most of you, I watched the game on TV. I have a question: When Beltre forgot how many outs there were and then forgot to touch third on his retreat back to second, do you think honestly knew he did anything wrong? More specifically, do you think he knew he had to touch third again on his way back? To me it didn't. He had that same confused look that I used to see Sammy Sosa have when he played right field.

* Here's the game story from the San Francisco Chronicle.

* Here's the gamer from the Bay Area Newsgroup.

* It appears that the Mariners will be seeing some new players for the A's, apparently like five Cubs players since they were traded for Rich Harden.

* The game notebook led with RA Dickey's willingness to pitch every day.

* Sean White and the Rainiers got beat by White's former catcher at the University of Washington Ben Johnson.

* AUDIO ALERT: Here's Kim Ng on the radio with Softy from earlier today.

* The Hardball Times is pretty interesting blog. Most fans probably know about, but some don't. Anyway they have an annual piece called the Von Hayes All-Stars, which is a team comprised of players that take drastic downturns in production in their 30s. The Mariners have four players on this year's squad.

* I can't remember if I posted this lately. This is the single worst thing I've ever seen in baseball.