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Land of Linkage: The pre-fireworks edition

We haven't done a big linkage post in a few days. Larry and I had a big meeting on Tuesday to discuss the second half of the season, so that took some time and just a lot of other little things.

Anyway let's get to it.

* Here's my game story from today's paper that focuses largely on Miguel Cairo ... (you know the words to the song).

* The game notebook talks about John "Mule" Miles, who the Mariners drafted as honorary pick from the old Negro Leagues in conjunction with a promotion from major league baseball.

* John McGrath has a nice column on the voice of the Rainiers and a good friend to all of us at the TNT - Mike Curto. I met him when I was an intern in 2000 covering the Rainiers for the TNT, and hung out with him since returning to Tacoma. He's a class act, and a good baseball guy.

* The Rainiers got whacked by the Colorado Sky Sox the other night.... From the other day, Michael Saunders hit a grand slam in one of the Rainiers' wins.

* Unfortunately for the Mariners, it looks as though Joel Zumaya will be at full strength against them.

* Jayson Stark's weekly Rumblings and Grumblings came out... It's always a must read, here's a part I found interesting.

&bull Northwest Clearance Sale Dept.: Here's an interesting development: Clubs that have spoken with the Mariners report they're back-burning their attempts to deal Erik Bedard, for the moment at least, because they have more pressing priorities.

And what might those priorities be? Moving the likes of Richie Sexson, Jarrod Washburn, Miguel Batista and Adrian Beltre. That's what. Not surprisingly, unloading Sexson heads that list -- not that they're getting anywhere.

Seattle is even expressing reluctance to deal Raul Ibanez -- at this point, anyway. One club reports the Mariners would like to package Ibanez with someone like Washburn or Batista, in hopes of maximizing the return. Otherwise, they're saying they would move their left fielder only "for a quality young outfielder" and another piece.

* Here's some trade talk from Peter Gammons...

I found this part interesting ...

But everyone knows the Cubs need one more front-line starter. They doubt they have enough to get C.C. Sabathia, although Hendry constantly touches base with Indians GM Mark Shapiro. They are monitoring Oakland; Rich Harden may be the best pitcher in the game. (Former teammate and current White Sox player Nick Swisher thinks someone should take Harden for this pennant run, then make him a closer). Everyone seems wary of Erik Bedard's makeup. There's interest in Randy Wolf, who despite his 14 team "no-trade" list would go to a contender. Wolf made a lot of friends in the Cubs organization by calling Hendry to explain why he chose the Dodgers over the Cubs for personal and family reasons when he went to L.A. The Cubs also keep looking at A.J. Burnett, in case. They'd love Aaron Cook, who apparently isn't available, and have kicked around Bronson Arroyo and Kevin Millwood.

Wolf makes sense, and the Padres still like Matt Murton. So perhaps that's a quick fix, unless they decide to try to get Greg Maddux to leave San Diego.

"It may come down to July 28," says one Cubs official. "But we almost certainly will do something. But we really don't want to give up Gallagher at this point."

Do not be surprised if Cleveland moves quickly on Sabathia.

* The A's think they've signed a possible Felix Hernandez-type pitcher.

* Think the Bedard trade was bad, this wasn't one so great for the Mets.

* The Braves have to make a decision about Mark Teixeira's future with the team soon.

* The Rockies are now in trade mode.

* The Blue Jays want to trade AJ Burnett for a shortstop. I'd say they could have Yuni, but Bedard and Burnett on the same staff might be the downfall of society as we know it.

* Ichiro is mentioned in this story about Jacoby Ellsbury's ability to steal bases.

* Here's an interesting story about Jose Guillen.

* For Dave8557, Dave Righetti recalls his no-hitter on its anniversary.

* The Red Sox are thankful they don't have an owner like Hank Steinbrenner. I think that would be the general consensus of fans for every other team, including Ms fans.

* Apparently Miller Park in Milwaukee has been voted the best Bratwursts in baseball.

* Columnist Tim Cowlishaw thinks the NL should get the DH.

A-ROD TIME!!!! (You knew I couldn't help myself with this.)

Here's the latest from the Daily News

* They also have this story.

* And here's the latest from the Post.

* The Post has a photo gallery of all involved.

* Here's the AP story about it allstrong>.