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Midseason predictions and awards

Bad news about Felix, but I would think caution with the injury is a good thing. The season is lost, there is no reason to aggravate an injury or open him up to another one. He is the franchise.

Obviously, Larry covered the game. I watched the game on TV at the gym. Roy Halladay is fantastic. I think Dave8557 probably teared up watching him pitch. I think one of the other writer called him the anti-Bedard.

Anyway, Sunday's win was the midpoint of this season, and I think it's safe to say that none of us thought the Mariners would be where they are right now - 31-51 and 17 1/2 games out of first - and there's proof. Remember this?

Yeah, I think we were all a little optimistic. But since it's halfway - man, at times the season has taken forever and other times its dragged on impossibly and painfully slow like Friday on the I-5 or a Dane Cook movie - we are basically half way done is all. I think it's time for some midseason awards and predictions for the Mariners and the rest of the baseball.


1. Who's been the Mariners' best player this season and why?

2. Who's been the Mariners' worst player this season and why?

3. Who's been their most improved player and why?

4. Who's been the biggest disappointment and why?

5. What was the best moment so far?

6. What was the worst moment so far?

7. What player gets traded and to who?

8. When will Richie Sexson get released?

9. How many games will Kenji Johjima catch after July 1?

10. How many 7 inning starts will Erik Bedard make after July 1?

11. There's 80 games left, what will the Mariners go in those 80 games?

12. How many games out of first in the AL West will the finish?

American League

1. Who is the AL MVP so far?

2. Who is the AL Cy Young winner so far?

3. Who is the AL Rookie of the year so far?

4. Who is the best team in the AL so far?

5. Which team is the biggest disappointment?

6. Which team is the biggest surprise?

7. If you had to pick one team to make the World Series from the AL who is it and why?