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LaHair is up, but Vidro still with the Mariners

Yep, that headline is correct. And for most of the baseball writers, we were all still a little stunned.

The first person I saw when I walked into the clubhouse was Bryan LaHair, which obviously wasn't that surprising, since I was certain he was being called up yesterday. But as soon as I got done talking to LaHair the next person I looked for was Jose Vidro, and there he was sitting in front of his locker. I'm still not sure why Vidro is still around anymore. He has little inherent value to this team.

The player who loses his spot on the roster is infielder Tug Hulett, who is practicing with the Mariners but is being optioned back to Tacoma.

LaHair hasn't officially been activated, and won't be till tomorrow. They do this just in case of a fluke injury or sickness to LaHair before the game.

Manager Jim Riggleman has said that LaHair will start his fair share of games, particularly when there's a right-hander on the mound. However, Cleveland is rolling out three lefty starters this weekend and Riggleman said LaHair will start at least one of those games for certain.

In other news, Erik Bedard and Arthur Rhodes are not at the workout as of 4:33 p.m., weather problems have delayed their flights. This is problem only because Jim Riggleman, trainer Rick Griffin and pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre have no idea how Bedard's shoulder felt over the break and how much throwing he was able to do. Stottlemyre ordered each pitcher to throw at least once or twice over the break, but Riggleman admitted he had no idea if Bedard did so. Those of you hoping Bedard will be traded, you can rule out the Phillies, who just traded for Oakland's Joe Blanton. I guess that leaves the Cardinals, or some other team we haven't thought of.

Because of Bedard's unknown status - he is eligible to come of the DL on Saturday - R.A. Dickey will most likely remain in the rotation, while Miguel Batista is somehow still in the rotation. So right now, the rotation sets up with Felix Hernandez on Friday, Jarrod Washburn on Saturday, Carlos Silva on Sunday, Batista on Monday and Dickey on Tuesday.