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Is LaHair headed to the Mariners, if so who's gone?

Thanks to a ubiquitous clandestine informant (Yeah, I love the movie "Lean on Me") I have heard that Bryan LaHair is joining the Mariners, most likely today (Thursday).

LaHair, a native Worcester, MA, is hitting .263 with 26 doubles, 12 homers, 53 RBIs with an on-base percentage of .357 and a slugging percentage of .467.

But the real question remains, if LaHair is coming up, then who is leaving?

Has Jose Vidro finally been released? That means no more watching him bat clean-up for the Mariners, which is something that most of you clearly can't stand.

Is there a trade in the works that we haven't heard about, perhaps Raul Ibanez to the Yankees or D-Backs? According to this story, it appears that Hideki Matsui could be having season-ending knee surgery.

Has this team finally started embracing the idea of playing for the future when the present is a complete and total wash? If that's the case can we expect Wlad Balentien to be returning soon?

Who knows? I've come to realize that with this team, the logical decision isn't always the one made. But if I see LaHair today at the work-out at Safeco Field, I'll be happy at least for him. He's put in enough time with enough results to at least get a sniff of the big league life.