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LINKAGE II: The Da Vidro Code

National award winning columnist Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star has a fantastic personal blog that he updates quite often. He's a fabulous writer, who loves baseball. And he's also one of the few old school baseball writers that has really embraced the sabermetric phenomenon.

Anyway, Posnanski unleashes a great rant about Jose Vidro batting clean-up for the Mariners. It's a rant that most people who watch the Mariners regularly also make.

I think this might be my favorite part of his rant...

Thing is, that sort of crazy quote was inevitable: Because there is no possible quote you could offer that could explain hitting Jose Vidro cleanup unless that quote is:

1. "He does have possession of those photographs I would prefer to keep private."

2. "He's my son-in-law, and hey, I have to keep peace in the house."

3. "Hey, what would you do if you got a fortune cookie that read, 'Hit Vidro fourth?'

4. "My owner has him in his fantasy league."

5. "I lost the cleanup spot in a poker game."

6. "I had this dream about him, and my psychiatrist said this is what it means."

7. "Mr. Rothstein insisted."

8. "Jose Vidro? Wait. When did we lose Jose Guillen?"

In respect to Mr. Posnanski, I'd like to add a few more ...

9. "Well, he is an improvement over Richie Sexson."

10. "Hey we might still be able to trade him for something, anything. We are running low on batting practice balls and pine tar rags."

11. "Have you seen the roster I have to work with?"

12. "Does it really matter?"