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Mariners Trade Potential Isn't Looking Up

Everyone who likes to play general manager has an idea for the Seattle Mariners just now - from trading Erik Bedard to moving J.J. Putz.

Reality isn't helping.

Jarrod Washburn had been pitching well of late, but hasn't look particularly effective in Kansas City.

Bedard, meanwhile, hasn't pitched since July 4, and no one is certain when he'll pitch again.

The sore shoulder that's sidelined him has forced the Mariners to schedule him as the No. 5 starter after the All-Star break, and they insist there's no guarantee he'll be ready by then.

Go ahead, try trading a pitcher who's been sidelined three times this year by injuries to his hip, back and shoulder.

As for Putz, the Mariners closer is due $9.6 million next season. That's a hindrance.