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The Trade That Wasn't Still Isn't

The trade that was hours away on Saturday isn't done, may never get done and in truth was never close to happening.

That's the way rumors go this time of year, and the Mariners trade of Jarrod Washburn to the Yankees for – take your pick: an outfielder, Kei Igawa or nothing – was a dog that didn't hunt.

How is that possible? Simple!

Take arrogant New York writers, who assume that their team can get virtually anyone for almost nothing. Add to that the near hysteria of the internet and blogs in late July, and suddenly the word is a deal is imminent.

The two teams talked, yes. Seattle's GM has probably talked to 20 other teams, too.

Washburn is pitching well, and while some insist he's pitching over his head, teams interested in acquiring him are offering next to nothing. The Mariners won't move him for nothing.

With pitching always hard to come by, keeping Washburn as a potential No. 3 or No. 4 starter next year makes more sense to the Mariners than paying part of his salary without a return.