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News Flash: Washburn Makes His Scheduled Start

Jarrod Washburn has taken the mound – for the Mariners, not the Yankees – although scouts from a half dozen teams are in the stands watching.

Watching Washburn?

No, not all of them. Some scout are watching Toronto, which has a lot of middle relief candidates, and some are watching Raul Ibanez, who doubled in his first at-bat.

But the 'pending' trade of Washburn from Seattle to New York hasn't happened, and manager Jim Riggleman has been told by the front office that it's not about to.

The deal, which was for either an outfielder – Melky Cabrera's name was mentioned – or a certain Japanese pitching bust, may still happen. Or it could be just another annual rumor that floats through all of fandom and then fades away.

Either way, Washburn pitched a 1-2-3 inning. And did it in a Mariners uniform.