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LINKAGE: Washburn and the Yankees, Adam Jones on fire, another reason to dislike A-Rod

At some point, I'm going to figure out a way to get the links out to you early in the morning. But that would require me to get up early in the morning and that's been a problem.

The word on Erik Bedard's MRI is within an hour or two, you'll know as soon as I do.

Let's get to the links ...


Here's my game story which talks about the difference in batting approaches between the Red Sox and the Mariners</strong>. In a nutshell, the Red Sox have an approach, apparently the Mariners do not.

* Our intern Stephen Chen had a separate story on Jon Lester's solid performance last night.

* In my notebook, I talked with some different people about whether Ryan Rowland-Smith would be better off as a starter or a reliever.

* Here's how the Boston papers covered the game. The Boston Globe had this game story. Columnist Dan Shaugnessy compared Dustin Pedroia to Pete Rose, in a good way. Apparently Jason Varitek was suffering from an eye infection last night and still hit a homer.

* From the Boston Herald, Jacoby Ellsbury tries to explain his hitting struggles. Here's the game story.


According to Buster Olney, the Yankees are interested in adding Jarrod Washburn

In a separate piece, Olney talks about two other potential trade targets of the Mariners.

&bull There is a perception that the Mariners' asking price on Raul Ibanez is high, but Seattle hasn't deeply negotiated with anyone yet -- though the Mariners will be getting into those talks in the days ahead. While their asking price is going to be affected by the fact that Ibanez will likely be a Type A free agent after the season and would command two compensation draft picks, it figures that they'll work out a deal with the Mets, Diamondbacks or some other team for Ibanez, who is arguably the best left-handed hitter on the market. It figures, too, that the Mariners will be looking to move Jose Vidro.

Arthur Rhodes, Mariners, LHP: Lefties are hitting .194 against him, with a .286 on-base percentage, and more importantly, without power -- in 35 at-bats versus left-handed hitters, he's allowed two doubles. Philadelphia GM Pat Gillick once signed Rhodes for the Mariners, and rival executives speculate that Gillick may make a move on Rhodes to become a power situational lefty for the Phillies -- he has racked up 12 strikeouts among those 35 at-bats.

* Padres left Randy Wolf was traded to the Astros.

* The D-Backs acquired Nats reliever Jon Rauch.


* Adam Jones shook off a sprained ankle to hit a home run and provide another key hit in the Orioles win.

* Everybody loves Jones in Baltimore.

I think I can hear gagging from Mariners fans who are overcome with nausea from reading those stories. Well, this will make you sick.

The Orioles could trade George Sherrill and parlay that into even more young prospects.

For my buddy Wally on the desk,

* The Phillies need another bat to help their offense.

* For DAVE8557: Here's a column from old schooler Bill Conlin, that you might like.

From the column ....

Reuschel was a tireless workhorse who ate innings as if they were a seven-course meal. I think Blanton would like to test the rarely charted waters beyond the seventh inning if the culture permitted it.

But a culture driven by coaches at every level spouting unproved dogma aimed at decreasing arm injuries has made the starting pitcher - once the hub of the baseball wheel - a second-class baseball citizen. Meanwhile, the arm surgeons do not lack for work.

Here's a quote from Charlie Manuel in the story ..

"Our situational hitting is absolutely terrible," Manuel told reporters on Sunday. "Absolutely off the chart, really."

Really? Why don't you come manage the Mariners, there Cholly. You have Rollins, Utley and Burrell, try watching Betancourt for a few games.

* And finally, reason No. 3,455,678,999 for me disliking A-Rod. He signed with a Hollywood talent agency.