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MRI for Erik Bedard today

Manager Jim Riggleman just told the media that Erik Bedard had an MRI today on his ailing left shoulder. He hasn't gotten the results of it, but probably will later this afternoon.

"Nowadays you get them back after a few hours," Riggleman said.

What the results will show remains to be seen.

All along the Mariners have maintained it was just shoulder stiffness. But who knows? From inside sources, Bedard calls most of the shots when it comes to his health. So maybe he's the one who ordered the MRI, and perhaps why Riggleman said this.

"From the time he came out of the game, July 4th, the next couple days after that, it didn't feel good. It was nothing that said he was going to miss a start. But as he missed a start or two, and wasn't able to comfortably come out and say I'm ready to fire it around and play some catch and get ready to throw a bullpen - the more days of that, it just became apparent that let's see if we can't clear his mind that there's nothing structurally wrong there. Give him the peace of mind to go out and let it go and know that he's not going to hurt himself."

Perhaps, Bedard, who's eying free agency after next season is worried that coming back will hurt his arm and hurt his future. Or perhaps there is something structurally damaged in the shoulder. If there is, that would just be the capper on what has been a horrible trade for the Mariners.

Bedard threw on Sunday in one of the indoor cages at Safeco. I think it was just catch, nothing more. But Riggleman said "he wasn't up to throwing yesterday."

When Bedard will be up to throwing again is anyone's guess. But my guess it won't be till August at the very earliest.