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LINKAGE: Monday edition

It's been a few days without some links, so I figure we better get to it. One quick note, I did a TV interview for Q13's Q it up Sports about a week ago. It was supposed to air after the all-star game, but all those extra innings didn't allow it. So they aired it last night at 10:35 on Q it up Sports. I didn't warn you, because, well, nobody needs to see my gargantuan head on their TV, especially in Hi-Def. But I will try and get Aaron Levine to send me over a copy to post on hear so you can mock me at will. Here it is...


Thanks for the kind words. The break from the blog wasn't a News Tribune decision as much as it was me taking some time off as well. I was a little burnt from the road trip to Atlanta, New York, then San Diego, plus I also had a wedding and a fantasy baseball camp (more on that later) to attend. But I promise to still be more of a presence on the blog. Remember though, this is Larry's beat first, I'm just here to help out and supplement when I can.

Enough about that let's get to some links ...

* Here's Larry's game story from yesterday

* As we talked about yesterday, Ryan Rowland-Smith was sent down to Triple A to get stretched out. Here's Larry's game notebook leading with that. You know what? I still don't agree with it. If Rowland-Smith is at 75 pitches now, why does he need to go down to Triple A to get stretched out to 90 which might take about two starts. I would much rather take my chances with him starting up here than see Miguel Batista, or for that matter, Carlos Silva toe the rubber for a start. I'm actually getting more irritated while I type this.

* John McGrath wrote a column about starting Ryan Rowland-Smith over Miguel Batista after watching Batista only get six outs and give up eight runs.

* I didn't post this yesterday, but it ran in Sunday's paper. Anyway I played in a the Tacoma Rainiers Fantasy Baseball Camp and wrote a story about it. A week and a half ago, it was a blast. I had a lot of fun and met some great people.

* I also managed to hurt my elbow pretty badly and was called Bedard by the people there. A big thanks to Mariners trainer Rick Griffin and team Dr. Khalfyan, who gave me a quick check up. Don't mess with your ulnar-collateral ligament kids, it's not something to take lightly.

Has it really come to that? when you don't finish something you start and leave early for suspicious reasons, people call you Bedard? How can a reputation fall so fast?

* As for the Rainiers, Rob Johnson (a fellow Montana boy) hit a home run with his newborn son attending his first game.

* The Red Sox come into Safeco a wounded team.

* Jorge Posada is back on the DL, perhaps for the season. I know of a place where they can get a catcher.

* Harold Baines got a statue in the outfield of U.S. Cellular Field. One of the first major league games I've ever been was Twins and White Sox in the Metrodome and Harold Baines hit an inside the park home run.

* Chris Snyder talks about his "injury" calling it the worst pain he's ever felt. All guys in this world could agree.

* This is a reason why I would want to cover Ozzie Guillen every day</strong>. It would be entertaining.