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GAME THOUGHTS: Orioles vs. Mariners, Game 109, August 1st

Ok here we go, I'm going to try and be as punctual and fast as Lash is at this. But I make no promises. I will also try and go in a similar order.

7:17 -- Remember Adam Jones? Of course, what am I saying. Well, he just singled to right off of Jarrod Washburn and then scored on Nick Markakis' deep double to right-center. It's something that Baltimore fans hope to see for many years to come. Washburn got out of the inning with a nice changeup for a strikeout on Aubrey Huff and getting Melvin Mora to fly out to deep center. Baltimore 1, Seattle 0

7:29 --- Strange play there, Willie tried to bunt and the ball came up and hit as he was going to first. He was called out and the official scoring on play is - 2U - or catcher unassisted on the putout. That hurt because Raul scalded a one-hopper to Brian Roberts at second for an inning ending double play.

Also Arthur Lee Rhodes spoke with the media today in Florida before the game. Here's a story on it.

7:41 -- Well the second inning was interesting for Jarrod Washburn. Jeremy Reed makes a nice catch plowing into the centerfield wall, but then he misjudges another flyball that goes over his head for a double. That was followed by a pair of Washburn walks to load the bases, but he got out of it

8:02 -- I'm not going to lie, I wanted to keep posting some interesting stuff, but nothing has really happened. It's actually pretty boring the last few innings. Still 1-0 Baltimore.

As of right now, Jarrod Washburn's pitch count is at 70 pitches after just three innings, so maybe not calling up that extra reliever today wasn't such a great idea.

And since there is nothing exciting happening here offensively for the Mariners, I will inform you that Wlad Balentien just crushed a three-run home run to left field for the Rainiers.

-- Well, Jarrod Washburn's evening is done after just four and 2/3 innings. He didn't look very sharp tonight. His location was just not very crisp. And he fell behind hitters consistently. He gave up three runs and left a two-out bases loaded mess for Roy Corcoran to try and get out of. Corcoran promptly gave up a double to Jay Payton that scored all three runs. All of the runs are credited to Washburn and it's now 6-0. I won't blame you if you change the channel.

8:37 -- Eight runs later it's finally over - the inning that is. The Orioles scored eight runs in the inning, all on two outs. It was not pretty. It tied the most runs given up by the Mariners in an inning this season, the other occurrence came on May 23rd against the Yankees in the fifth inning. Washburn gave up six runs on nine hits with four walks ... of Washburn's 96 pitches, 56 were strikes.

9:09 --- Anybody know who Garrett Olson is? Because right now, he's shutting out the Mariners. Seattle did have a good chance to get some runs, but Jay Payton made a nice running catch on Kenji Johima's sinking liner to left to end the threat.

So does anybody know who Garrett Olson is?

Is anybody out there? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

It's 10-0.


9:40 -- Who's willing to bet that a certain poster on this blog will not be happy with Dave Trembley's decision to pull Olson with one out in the bottom of the ninth. Olson had never pitched a complete game in his career, and now he won't -- much to that certain poster's chagrin.

9:53 -- The loudest cheer of the night just happened as the Mariners finally scored a run in the bottom of the ninth. So instead of being shut out with 11 hits, the Mariners now have one run on 12 hits on Kenji Johjima's soft infield single.

10:01 -- The Mariners have just scored four runs on four balls that never traveled further than 100 feet. And even with that late fury, the Mariners still lose 10-5.

Lash has the game tomorrow. I'm helping out by filling in for our Rainiers writer, so I'll try and get some interesting stuff from there.

Baltimore (51-56)

Brian Roberts 2B

Adam Jones CF

Nick Markakis RF

Aubrey Huff DH

Melvin Mora 3B

Ramon Hernandez C

Kevin Millar 1B

Jay Payton LF

Juan Castro SS


Garrett Olson LHP

Seattle (41-67)

Ichiro RF

Bloomquist SS

Ibanez LF

Beltre 3B

Lopez 2B

Vidro DH

Cairo 1B

Johjima C

Reed CF


Washburn P