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Thoughts at 2 a.m. --- Would you rather ...

... see this guy playing every day at Safeco Field

Or would you rather see this guy ...

I ask this question today because I was listening to KJR on Thursday, preparing myself mentally before going on with Ian Furness for an interview, and I heard a caller trying to justify the lack of moves with veteran players by saying "they want to put a winning team on the field that will keep fans coming to games."

Is that his best logic? How have those veterans done for the first 108 games? Not so good. 41-67 to be exact. It's not the like the Mariners have rolled out a winning product for any extended period this season.

But instead of continuing to insult this callers' apparent ignorance - which is like reminding Ms fans of how terrible the Jason Varitek, Derek Lowe deadline trade for Heathcliff Slocumb was for them - I instead wonder what Mariners fans want to see at this point.

Do you want to see Jose Vidro, Miguel Cairo and the like go out there and try to scrap their ways to meaningless victories that would only minutely soften the catastrophic results of this season?


Do you want to see younger guys like Jeff Clement, Wlad Balentien, Bryan LaHair getting plenty of big league innings and at-bats and pitchers like Ryan Rowland-Smith, Ryan Feirabend and even Brandon Morrow make starts to help them improve, along with plenty of Sept. call-ups and late playing time for players like Rob Johnson, Michael Saunders, Tug Hulett, Matt Tuisasosopo and Jared Wells?

Think about it for a second.

My answer is this: it seems totally logical for Vidro to be on this team for another day. Look the Mariners secretly held out some morbid hope that they might get something in a trade for him - something more than a used pine tar rag and a busted cup - but they didn't, so it's time to say adios. Jose Vidro is not a part of this team's future, and he shouldn't be. So ship him out and bring Balentien up again. Sure he struggled the first time, but you have to give him another shot, if only to prove to yourself whether he can play at the major league level or not.

So again I'm asking this: "Would you rather see the Mariners try and win games with guys like Jose Vidro, Miguel Cairo, Miguel Batista and Kenji Johjima? or Would you rather see the Mariners give some of their young players like Jeff Clement, Bryan LaHair and Wlad Balentien given chances to learn on the job of the final 54 games to prepare for next season and beyond?

It doesn't seem like a tough answer to me.