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PREGAME: Linkage, lineups and other loose ends -- Green, Bloomquist a little dinged up

* I know it was brought up on USS Mariner: Why didn't manager Jim Riggleman go to Sean Green in the eighth inning instead of Roy Corcoran. It was the first question asked today by MLB's Jim Street.

"Green had an achy feeling and a little tightness in his shoulder," Riggleman said. "We decided to shut him down for a couple of days. It was one of those things where he said, "I can pitch." But we decided to stay away from using him."

Green is listed on the active pitchers today and Riggleman said he felt better and could use him today if necessary.

* Also Wlad Balentien is starting in center today (lineups below). Is this the end of the Bloomquist/Reed platoon? Not entirely. Bloomquist injured his heel running out a ground ball two days ago and has been bothered by it. Riggleman said that's why he didn't pitch for Jeremy Reed last night with a lefty on the mound.

* As we sat and talked with Riggleman, Raul Ibanez was out there taking voluntary batting practice on the field. So I asked Riggleman about Ibanez's work ethic and how hard he pushes himself.

Riggleman said this: "I'm extremely impressed. But it just goes to show you what everybody should be doing. He's always done it. But everybody should be doing it."

Hmm, perhaps like the starting shortstop, who was instead lounging on the couch in the clubhouse while Ibanez, Beltre, Lopez, Balentien, Cairo, Reed and others were out hitting on the field.

"Why wouldn't you go through your career and look back and say I did everything I could do when I was playing," Riggleman said. "It's blatantly obvious that throughout the game a lot of players aren't doing this."

Like perhaps Yuniesky Betancourt?

So is it a matter of experience?

"I think a little bit, those players are smart enough to realize they can't leave any stone unturned," Riggleman said. "There's a desire in the heart and the brains in your head that you need to do it, but it's also having the desire to do it."

Is it a case where either a young player figures it out or they don't?

"That's the point, some young guys should see it and realize that's he does it," Riggleman said. "He never misses a day out here. He's in the cage constantly. He's in the weight room. He's back looking at tape. He's dedicated to his trade. Tony Gwynn was like that. Tony hit on the field every day. He was in the video room constantly. His attention to details of his game was off the chart."

If that isn't an indirect shot at Yuni, I don't what it is. Riggleman will never come out and say that Yuni needs to work harder, he's too professional to do that. But when he said these things, he was clearly passionate in his belief.

Let's get to the links

A big thanks to Doug Pacey for covering for me yesterday. An editor's note: because of all that went down these two days, my Rays story is running Sunday.

Here's Doug's game story about the Seattle Rainiers, er, Mariners.

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Here's how the Minneapolis Star Tribune covered the game. Gamer and Notebook., which discusses the Twins bullpen issue.

The Tacoma Rainiers are streaking ... Rob Johnson continues to hit, going 2-for-4 with a homer. Andy Baldwin (8-5), who was acquired in the Jamie Moyer trade, is now 6-1 in his last eight starts.

* Here's an Adam Jones update.

* The Angels, a free swinging bunch (not quite as bad as the Ms) are starting to learn patience at the plate.

* Also Richmond Lockwood Sexson, Richie, to most, hit a grand slam yesterday, but the Yankees still lost.

Twins (62-51)

2 Denard Span RF

8 Nick Punto 2B

55 Mike Redmond C

33 Justin Morneau 1B

16 Jason Kubel LF

56 Randy Ruiz DH

23 Brendan Harris 3B

12 Adam Everett SS

22 Carlos Gomez CF


53 Nick Blackburn RHP (8-6, 3.56 ERA)

Mariners (44-69)

51 Ichiro RF

8 Jeremy Reed DH

28 Raul Ibanez LF

29 Adrian Beltre 3B

4 Jose Lopez 2B

9 Jeff Clement C

50 Wlad Balentien CF

39 Bryan LaHair 1B

5 Yuniesky Betancourt SS


56 Jarrod Washburn P (5-10, 4.77 ERA)