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Twins Get Guardado - For A Hamburger

When the Mariners lock up with the Minnesota Twins the next three games, they're almost certain to run into an old friend - Eddie Guardado.

The left-handed reliever who once closed for the Mariners was acquired from the Texas Rangers today for the Twins stretch run.

It cost the Twins 21-year-old right-hander Mark Hamburger, a Class A closer.

For those with short memories, J.J. Putz credits Guardado for teaching him how to handle the role of closer - and for refining Putz's propensity for the practical joke.

Putz showed Guardado how well he'd learned by a) taking his job, through no fault of his own and b) sneaking into Guardado's hotel room, stealing his underwear and hanging it from doorknobs up and down the hallway of the Four Seasons.

Welcome back to a pennant race, Eddie. Watch you boxers.