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Silva's Homecoming - Seattle Game #121

Two batters have Carlos Silva was introduced to a nice Metrodome crowd, he was behind, 1-0. Back-to-back doubles.

The sinker didn't sink to either Denarc Span or Nick Punto, and the first out Silva got was a running catch at the wall in left field by Raul Ibanez.

A Twin throughout his career until this season, Silva remains popular here.

If he keeps getting hammered, the crowd will love him even more.

Twins 2, Mariners 0 ...

The Mariners offense hasn't yet realized the off-day is over. Against Francisco Liriano, they've gone nine up, nine down.

The lineup includes Miguel Cairo (.240), Adrian Beltre (.250), Wladimir Balentien (.214), Kenji Johjima (.216) and Jeff Clement (.209).

So far, Liriano doesn't seem overwhelmed.

Twins 2, Mariners 0 ...

Walks and errors lead to runs, and the Mariners have given up enough that way this season to be dubbed leaders in the field.

This time, however, it was the Twins.

With two outs, Liriano walked two and, along with a Miguel Cairo hit, the bases were full.

Jose Lopez then grounded to third, where Brian Buscher had the ball clank off his wrist.

Two runs in, neither earned. The Mariners have one hit.

Mariners 2, Twins 2 ...

Any time you wonder why the Mariners record is what it is (46-74), they show you.

Immediately after seeing the game tied, Silva walked the first batter he faced, then gave up a home run.

After that? Three consecutive singles for another run - all with no outs.

Silva looks beaten.

Twins 5, Mariners 2 ...

The night is over for Silva, and he all but made sure it was over for all the Mariners.

The final line: he got 10 outs, allowed nine runs.

It may be time for the Mariners to pull the plug on Silva's season. He's lost 14 games and his focus. He's a Mariner lost at sea, and the kindest thing would be to let him finish the year as the bullpen long man trying to find something there.

Yes, he'll be back in '09 - and a starting pitcher, no doubt.

But Silva and this season are lost causes now. The team would be better served looking at someone else each fifth day.

Twins 9, Mariners 2 ...

The night is over for Jim Riggleman, too.

On a pop fly to right field, Ichiro Suzuki made the catch and, in taking the ball out of his glove with his right hand, dropped it. Umpire Mark Wegner said it was a dropped ball and ruled the batter safe.

Replays showed the catch had been made and the ball dropped in the exchange from glove to throwing hand.

Riggleman went out and argued, and for the first time since he was named manager in June, he was ejected.

At this point, there are probably a lot of guys in the Seattle dugout who wouldn't mind being tossed, too.

Twins 9, Mariners 2 ...

The night is over for Beltre and Jose Lopez, too.

With the game a blowout and the lads playing on Astro turf, the Mariners decided simply to get their legs off the field. Let Cairo, Tug Hullet and Bryan LaHair play on the stuff.

Ugly game ...

The night is now over, period. Silva sat on a couch for 30 minutes after the game, unapproachable.

Then he showered, walked to his locker and declined to speak to the assembled media.

Oh, good. ...