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Where Is Victor Diaz? Headed Home

It's September, and you'd think a man who batted .282 with 25 HR and 107 RBI with 40 doubles in Class AAA would rate a callup.

In the casse of Tacoma's Victor Diaz, you'd be wrong.

Diaz, 26, had a fine year offensively for the Rainiers, playing DH and occasionally venturing into the outfield.

But while the Mariners liked his bat, they considr him a man without a position.

Given that, and the number of DHs the Mariners have used in the past few weeks - Jeff Clement, Adrian Belre, Raul Ibanez and Kenji Johjima - the team didn't see Diaz getting enough at-bats to add to their roster.

Had they wanted to do so, they'd have had to make a move, since their 40-man is currently full.

Bottom line: Seattle considered Diaz a fine minor league hitter without a position to play.