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Team Photo Day - Who Most Likely Won't Be In the Shot In '09?

The Mariners are about to have their annual team photo taken at the edge of the Safeco Field infield, and not all of them will be smiling inside.

Some, obviously, won't be back next year - players like Raul Ibanez, Willie Bloomquist, Jamie Burke, Miguel Cairo and R.A. Dickey will be free agents.

Not all will return. Not all will want to.

Then there are those who didn't make it through the season to get in the photo, players like Brad Wilkerson, Richie Sexson, Arthur Rhodes, Jose Vidro.

Who is most likely to go from here depends almost wholly on who the new general manager is, whether it's Lee Pelekoudas or someone who hasn't even been contacted yet.

Whoever the GM is, he'll decide the fate of manager Jim Riggleman and the full Seattle staff.

Similarly, any GM is going to look to improve in center field, first base and the rotation.

Those who would like to leave but have no choice include Miguel Batista, Erik Bedard and Jarrod Washburn.

Those who might be offered in trade this off-season? Since it's unlikely you can move players fighting injuries or ineffectiveness, the Mariners might offer Adrian Beltre, Yuniesky Betancourt and any number of young relievers if they can improve by doing so.

One thing is certain. If you love the players on this team, you'd better have a photographic memory.

Quite a few won't be around next spring.

Who would you most like to see gone?