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Mr. Beltre's Last Stand - Mariners Game #148

Adrian Beltre, his ailing left thumb so heavily taped it looks like he's wearing a cast, will start his final game of the season today.

Surgery on that thumb and his left shoulder will come Thursday, and he won't play again until 2009.

Meanwhile, it's the best pitching matchup of the series - Felix Hernandez vs. Ervin Santana.

Play ball.

It took Felix about 18 pitches to find himself, and by that time he was behind 2-0 and had runners at second and third base with one out.

Blow out? No, bad as he was early in the inning, he got out of that jam with a strike out and ground out to keep the damage at 2.

After one:

Angels 2, Mariners 0 ...

Welcome to the offense for the final two weeks: Jose Lopez singled and - attention Ichiro! - stole second base. Yunieskey Betancout singled him to third, and he scored of Bryan LaHair's ground ball.

Without Beltre, that may be what Seattle has to do score.

Angels 2, Mariners 1 ...

Marvelous pitching duel just evened up.

Jeremy Reed walked and - attention Ichiro! - stole second base, then scored on a Jose Lopez RBI single.

Hernandez vs. Santana, in the sixth:

Mariners 2, Angels 2 ...

Great pitching may stop great hitting, but great hitting can also put the occasional hurt on great pitching.

Mark Teixeira launched a monstrous home run off Felix in the sixth, landing it way up the pitches eye beyond center field.

No extra points for disance, but impressive none-the-less.

Angels 3, Mariners 2 ...

Felix is done after seven innings, and the game is tied and in the hands of the bullpen.

Raul Ibanez singled, moved to second on a walk to Yuniesky Betancourt and scored on pinch-hitter Miguel Cairo's bloop single.

Now pitching for Seattle: Roy Corcoran

Mariners 3, Angels 3 ...

One out triple to No. 9 hitter Sean Rodriguez, walk off single by Chone Figgins.

The four-game sweep is complete.

Angels 4, Mariners 3.