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And Now, A Few Words From Jim Riggleman

He inherited a bad team and has it playing better - not great, but better - but Jim Riggleman is hardly satisfied.

After the Mariners lost to the Angels again Friday, he tried hard to defend a team that at least has been competitive since June.

"If there's a team in this league that's 30 games better than us, I'll kiss your butt on Main Street and give you 30 minutes to draw a crowd," Riggleman said.

Almost certainly, Riggleman will be among the casualties this off-season, and he may not be remembered for helping a lot of this team's young players along.

But in the pantheon of funny managerial quotes - a daily staple under Lou Piniella - last night was marvelous.

He said it with good humor, able to laugh a himself and take just a little pressure off his clubhouse.

Nice work, Jim. A borrowed quote from Whitey Herzog is always a treat.