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GAME THOUGHTS: Rangers vs. Mariners

It's 67 degrees and the wind has picked up a little. It's amazing how much the temperature can drop in an hour or two.

Top of 1st

OWW!!! I can't imagine what it feels like to be hit by a Felix fastball. But it can't feel good for Joaquin Arias. He must be alright though because he quickly stole second. After a groundout by Michael Young and a walk to Hamilton, the fragile Milton Bradley hurt his back when he fouled off a pitch, so Brandon Boggs comes off the bench cold and strikes out. But with two strikes Marlon Byrd rips one to left that Raul Ibanez couldn't come up with on a jumping grab. Two runs score.

Felix didn't look pleased when Raul didn't come up with it. At first glance I though Raul should have caught it, and looking at replays only confirmed that belief. Look, the guy isn't Ichiro out there.

Bottom of 1st

Ichiro leads off with an infield single (shocking) and then advances to second on Michael Young's poor decision to try and make an impossible throw to first. Ichiro later scores on fielders' choice.

Top of 2nd

The Mariners push the lead to 4-1 on a pair of RBI singles to left. Raul had chances to make things close with some good throws, but he just doesn't quite have the

arm strength to do that.

Bottom of 2nd

The Mariners get a gift on a looping two-out double by Bryan LaHair that Marlon Byrd looked really awkward trying to field, but Seattle can't capitalize.

Top 3rd

Felix is still all over the place. He gets some help from Yuni Betancourt who goes deep into the hole at short and makes a tremendous play and throw to get Nelson Cruz out at first. I know I've bashed Yuni in the past, but he has been playing better as of late.

Bottom 3rd

The Mariners get a pair of runners on and Lopez hits a hard ball to center that the wind knocked down for the second out and Hulett hits a ball hard to first that Hank Blalock gloves.

Top of 4

Felix walks Arias and then hits Michael Young, his command is somewhat off tonight to say the least. But he gets out of the inning with a couple ground balls.

Bottom of 4

Well, at least the Mariners didn't strand any baserunners this inning.

Top of 5

Felix hits his third batter of the game, this drilling Marlon Byrd. He then gives up a single to Hank Blalock. It was followed by a scary play as Felix gets knocked down tagging

Byrd out at home on a wild pitch. He's not in the type of pain like he was in New York, but the trainers check. Felix walks Nelson Cruz and Riggleman lifts him. Fe-Fe does not looked pleased. Randy Messenger comes in and gives up a double to Taylor Teagarden with the two runs scored going to Felix.

Felix's line: 4 1/3 innings pitched, six hits, six earned runs, four walks, three strikeouts, three hit batters and a wild pitch. He threw 98 pitches with only 57 strikes.

Top of 8th...

I'm trying to think of a reason why I haven't posted the last few innings.... and the answer is this .... there is nothing to write about and this might be the most boring game ever and it's taking forever.

The Rangers just got a couple more runs off of Mark Lowe on a Marlon Byrd double. Jared Wells has just been brought in.

I was wondering how many games I've covered this season that have been wins. I think I might have to go back and count at some point. It can't be more than 35.

Bottom of 8th

Bryan LaHair with an RBI single to left to score a run, it's now 7-3. The Mariners just brought in Miguel Cairo to pinch hit with runners on the corners. I really don't know why. He has no chance of hitting a home run. And he hits the ball 48 inches. Rob Johnson could have done that.