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GAME THOUGHTS: Angels vs. Mariners, Sept. 25th

I almost forgot to do the game thoughts. I was busy staring off into space and pondering what it would be like to be covering a winning team, or a team that didn't want to beat up it's best player. Anyway I digress.

A few quick notes... The Gar is here promoting his new foundation. And also Kaz Sasaki, the Daimajin, is here doing some commentating for Japanese television.

So let's get to some thoughts...

Top of first

Three ground balls to shortstop, three clean plays by Yuni.

Bottom of first

Ichiro gets a nice ovation from the fans and then promptly delivers a single to left for his 1,800th hit in the big leagues. With that hit he became the fastest player in baseball history to reach 1,800 hits, for any player starting their career after 1954. Ichiro needed just 1,277 games to do it. Next on the list is Wade Boggs who accomplished the feat in 1,352 games.

BETANCOURT WALKED, BETANCOURT WALKED. I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW. That gives Yuni 16 walks on the season. He might get 20 on the season, at one point, if you told me that, I would have called you a bleeping idiot.

Raul singles home Ichiro. And then Wlad Balentien delivers a double down the line to score a run. Mariners lead 2-0.

Top of second

Cesar Jimenez gets himself into a spot of trouble walking the first two guys he faced. And even though the Angels have clinched a playoff spot and the AL West title, Manager Mike Scioscia still has Howie Kendrick bunt the runners over. It later results in a sac fly to cetner from Mike Napoli. Mariners 2-1.

Bottom of second

A lead-off double from Tuiasosopo and a single from Luis Valbuena goes wasted as Ichiro is rung up on a questionable call and Betancourt hits into a 4-6-3 DP.

OK it's now the bottom of the sixth, and my computer crashed once, and then started running slower than a footrace between John Olerud and Carlos Silva.

I have no explanation for it. It seems that nothing will make it quite better.

hmm... so what happened?

The Mariners lost the 2-1 lead when who else but Wlad Guerrero hit a two-run homer to right. Wlad Balentien tried to make a leaping grab and the ball bounced off his glove over the wall for homer. At first it looked like it might be a double, but then it was ruled a homer, no replay was used on the play.

The lead just moved to 4-2 as Torii Hunter doubled to score another run in the top of the seventh.

We head to the bottom of the seventh.

Ichiro with a single to lead-off the inning and then Yuni delivers a two-run homer on a 2-0 pitch to left-center off of Jose Arrendando. You see Yuni, it's good to hit with a 2-0 count. Raul walks but the rally ends there.

Top of eighth

Roy Corcoran gives up a single but everybody's favorite Southern Fried gentleman gets out of the inning.

Bottom of eight

Tui draws a two-out walk. You can slowly see him starting to adjust at this level. He'll still be at Triple A next year to start the season, but this time up here will have paid dividends. But after a fighting off a few pitches, Valbuena pops up to end the inning.

Top of nine

Vlad, jackshot, game winner?

Bottom of nine