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Will the Opposition Run The Table? Mariners Game No. 152

Jim Riggleman is in that managerial netherworld - the Mariners want to play their kids, experiment with position changes and - oh yes, win a few games.

Riggleman, however, is likely to be judged not by how good the team's pups do, but his win-loss record.

The team is 32-47 under Riggleman, a record that's taken a major hit with the current seven-game losing streak.

"If we wanted to win, we'd probably have a different lineup," he said. "But we're in posiion to have to look at our future, so we play the youngsters. Once the game starts, though, you want to win, you manage and play to win."

But, as this 0-7 trip illustrates, they don't always deliver.

Young hitters like Matt Tuiasosopo, Rob Johnson, Luis Valbuena and Brian LaHair are getting experience, but they're not hitting much.

That makes a low-scoring Seattle offense even more vulnerable that usual to any kind of pitching.

Put another way, if Raul Ibanez or Jose Lopez don't drive runs in, the odds of Seattle scoring enough to win drop dramatically.

Ryan Feierabend will try to hold Kansas City and put the Mariners in position to snap this streak and win No. 58.

Ryan Feierabend's mistake in the fourth wasn't the RBI single from David DeJesus, but the leadoff walk to Alex Gordon that wound up as Kansas City's first run.

Then, with two on and one out, Feierabend fell behn Mike Aviles, 3-1, and in an effort not to walk him left a pitch over the middle.

Three-run home run.

Royals 4, Mariners 0 ...

It's 6-0, Mr. Feierabend is out and there's one out in the fourth, with runners at first and third.

Given what the Mariners offense is capable of, a comeback seems all but impossible.

So, what would you like to talk about?

Royals 6, Mariners 0 ...

Royals have 10 runs, Mariners have two hits, and Riggleman is emptying his bench in the seventh inning.

Miguel Cairo is in left field, Tug Hullett is at shortstop, Matt Tuiasosopo is at third and Wladimir Balentien is in right field.

This looks like back-to-back four-game sweeps.

Royals 10, Mariners 0.