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Ichiro On the Brink of 200 - And The Mariners Play No. 151

Ichiro is three hits short of reaching the 200-hit plateau for the eighth consecutive season which is, like, really hard.

In fact, when Ichiro does it, he'll match Wee Willie Keeler for the most consecutive seasons of 200 or more hits.

Keeler had his streak from 1894-1901, before the age of blogging, so the lads at Big Boat Mariner weren't around to dissect him.

OK, it's Rowland-Smith vs. Meche, with the Mariners trying to snap a six-game losing streak.

We're off.

Trying to stay out of the double plays that have haunted them, Jim Riggleman has his team running.

With one out, Ichiro and Yuniesky Betancourt pulled off a double steal - and Jose Lopez singled both home, pushing his RBI total to 84.

KC pitched out and caught Lopez stealing, but Riggleman clearly isn't in the mood to sit back and watch tonight.

Mariners 2, Royals 0 ...

Ichiro doubled, hit No. 198, and Yuni bunted him to third base, but Raul Ibanez and Jose Lopez couldn't get him home.

Two short of 200.

Mariners 2, Royals 0 ...

One short! Ichiro popped a ball up along the third base line and it fell in despite the Royals best efforts.

He's sitting on 199 hits now.

As for Ryan Rowland-Smith, he's allowed a solo home run but not much elsed, and has thrown only 54 pitches going into the fifth inning.

Mariners 2, Royals 1 ...

After six, Rowland-Smith owes his one-run lead to the defense of his shortstop.

Yuni's two-out diving stop of Mark Teahen's grounder up the middle stopped the tying run from scoring.

Mariners 2, Royals 1 ...

Life is an odd duck. After saving Rowland-Smith in the sixth inning, Yuni's error behind FRoy Corcoran in the seventh ignited a three-run rally in which all the runs were unearned.

Royals 4, Mariners 2 ...

Ichiro got a standing ovation here by beating out an infield single in the eighth inning for hit No. 200. It was his 48th infield single, and he's now the American League's all-time leader with eight consecutive 200-hit seasons.