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That Pesky GM Search: The List of Candidates - Real & Imagined - Gets Smaller

It hasn't been the best week to start a search for the next general manager of the Seattle Mariners.

After Bill Bavasi was fired in June, Mariners president Chuck Armstrong began compiling names of a possible successor, and vetting those on the list. At one point, that list was 59 names long.

Today – before an interview has been conducted – it's between 10-12 names.

That kind of deal goes against the baseball norm, whether it's a coach asked to interview for an open managerial job or a front office type given a shot at moving up the ladder.

In the meantime, things happen. Brian Cashman, whose contract with the New York Yankees was up after the regular season, signed an extension days after the Mariners asked permission to interview him.

That's four names off the list before Seattle can get started, but that doesn't mean the list is now without promise.

There is another irony at play in all this – the media.

And now, we in the media are 'eliminating' candidates that we, not the Mariners, said were on the short list. In simpler terms, accuracy isn't the biggest factor in any story on the next Seattle GM.