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Let's Help the New Mariners GM - Whoever That Will Be - By Compiling A List of Managerial Candidates

Among the coaches let go after the season ended was Art Howe, the former Mets and Athletics manager who spent his last few seasons with Texas.

That immediately makes him a candidate to manage in Seattle.


It's the off-season, and job candidates are named in rumor, not reality.

No one really knows who the Mariners Top 10 is in their search for a GM, but if you read the papers or check the blogs, the same names apear everywhere.

Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong will interview most of the obvious candidates, but believing they don't have a few that aren't on the media's list is silly.

And without knowing who the new GM will be, it's probably absurd to start compiling a list of managerial candidates ...

So let's do it, anyway.

Here's a start:

Joey Cora's name has come up - in the media - and for no good reason. He's a coach because he's Ozzie Guillen's good friend, period.

But, to start a list of candidates, include Cora because once played here, and Howe, because he once managed against Seattle.

OK, that's Cora, Howe ...

Add Bobby Valentine, because his name is always mentioned, even though he hasn't managed in this country for years.

How about a current pitching coach? They've been hot candidates the last few years, and Bud Black is liked so much in San Diego they kept him as manager even afte a disastrous '08 season.

So let's throw in a name: Arizona's Bryan Price, who started his career in Seattle.

Knows pitching, knows players, knows the game and worked under Lou Piniella and Bob Melvin.

There's your start: Cora, Howe, Valentine and Price.

Add to it. We can't have the new Mariners GM showing up without handing him or her a list of managerial candidates.

Think deeply. Cough up some names.