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LINKAGE: Wrapping an awful 2008 season

I don't really know what to say about this past season. I know the 1978 season had more losses than this year, but this team had expectations, postseason expectations. And instead they finished 40 games out of first. Unreal.

If you noticed we used Monday's paper to take a look back at the season that was.

* Here's our main piece that looks at a several of different things that went wrong with the season, and believe me there was many.

* The game story from Monday addresses the fact that Raul Ibanez probably played his last game in a Mariners uniform.

* In the notebook, I caught up with Roy Corcoran for a few minutes, which is always entertaining. It also mentions that R.A. Dickey is part of a ministry organization that delivers goods to Cuba, including Mariners gear.

* Columnist John McGrath talks with Jose Lopez and uses him as an example of what the Mariners have in the future.

* AUDIO ALERT: I was on KJR with Ian Furness yesterday, you can listen to that interview here

* In Tuesday's paper, we take a look ahead at what's going to happen this offseason, including a look at some GM candidates, including Kim Ng (pictured above). If you notice at the end of the story is some lists of the Mariners by position as well as a GM candidates list and some free agent list.

One quick note on that, Padres assistant GM Paul DePodesta just signed a three-year contract so he's not likely a candidate, and a source told me it's unlikely that Padres would give the M's permission to talk to DePodesta or current GM Kevin Towers.

Here's a link that offers a detailed look at all the Mariners contract situations for every player.

Normally, we don't link to other papers, but the P-I's Art Thiel got a sit-down interview with Howard Lincoln, here's his Q and A column, it's pretty interesting.

Kirby Arnold of the Everett Herald offers up his five things the Mariners need to do this offseason. He also has this story

The USS Mariner offers up another GM candidate Rick Hahn.

ESPN's Jayson Stark offers up his end of the year awards. Kenji Johjima wins the AL Least Valuable Player.

Brad Lidge and Cliff Lee win the respective comeback player of the year awards. Remember when John McLaren predicted Richie Sexson was going to win the award.


You can cross Brian Cashman off the GM list. He just signed a three-year extension with the Yankees. Three more years with Hank Steinbrenner? Thankfully the taverns stay open to 4 a.m. in Manhattan.